It was a bit hot during the day, but today (27th) also had a nice autumn weather.

The cosmos in full bloom next to me is in harmony with the blue autumn sky.

Today, the blue autumn sky continues like this, and the sun shines strongly during the day. On a clearer day like this, the radiative cooling will be more active during the night, creating fog.

From tomorrow morning to early morning, there will be thick fog all over the inland, and in severe places, the distance to look ahead will be shortened to less than 50m.

You should pay attention to traffic safety on the way to work.

Tomorrow's temperature.

The morning temperature in Seoul will be 17 degrees, which is 3 degrees higher than today, but the daytime temperature will rise to 27 degrees and 26 degrees in Daegu, and the daily temperature difference will still widen.

For the time being, the air quality will be clean, but the air will be drier. Next Monday, on National Foundation Day, the days will gradually become cloudy and rain is expected across the country on Tuesday.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)