China News Service, Wuhan, September 27th: "Old Wuhan" Zhang Jianmin: "Guardian" of life on the banks of the Yangtze River

  Author Wu Yili

  Although autumn has arrived, the rest of the summer in Wuhan has not yet dissipated.

In the recent evening, men, women and children in swimsuits came to Wuchang River Beach to ride the waves and play in the water one after another.

The picture shows Zhang Jianmin checking the urban area map of Wuhan recently.

Photo by Zhang Chang

  The summer and autumn seasons are also the busiest time of the year for Zhang Jianmin.

He always had a whistle on his chest, a swimming ring on his left shoulder, a loudspeaker in his right hand, slippers, and a lemon yellow T-shirt with seven bright red characters of "Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team" printed on the back. The river beach patrols back and forth, always paying attention to the safety of the people playing in the water.

The picture shows Zhang Jianmin patrolling the Hankou River Beach in Wuhan City recently.

Photo by Zhang Chang

  Zhang Jianmin, 67, is an "old Wuhan" who grew up by the Yangtze River.

In 2010, he and a group of non-governmental winter swimming enthusiasts spontaneously established the Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team, and silently guarded the Yangtze River for 12 years.

Today, the team has grown from more than 100 players to more than 2,000 people. They have set up 43 guard positions on the two banks of the two rivers in Wuhan, and have successfully saved more than 800 people.

  Zhang Jianmin, as the captain, said that he initially joined the Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team because he had a "heroic dream" in his heart, but the real rescue relies on "speed and passion".

The picture shows the Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team patrolling the Hankou River Beach in Wuhan City recently.

Photo by Zhang Chang

  One summer, a 10-year-old boy was playing in the water by the Yangtze River. He accidentally stepped on the moss and slipped into the river, screaming for help.

Zhang Jianmin, who was swimming nearby, didn't have time to think about it, and quickly swam towards the child and hugged him.

But the boy was fat and far from the shore, so Zhang Jianmin had to keep his backstroke position, let him lie on top of his body, and swam back to the shore with difficulty.

  This is Zhang Jianmin's first rescue experience. "I was inexperienced at the time. I counted the rhythm silently, gritted my teeth and insisted. I choked on water several times in the middle and almost lost my life." Looking back, he could not hide his excitement.

From then on, Zhang Jianmin and his team members began to systematically learn the skills of scientific rescue and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, established the rescue principle of "shore priority, team priority, equipment priority", and carried the "old three": lifesaving poles, lifebuoys and throwing bags.

The picture shows Zhang Jianmin and volunteers patrolling the Hankou River Beach in Wuhan City recently.

Photo by Zhang Chang

  On the evening of September 6, 2021, a man stood in the Wuhan Sun Lake 6 meters away from the shore. Once he ran to the deep water in the center of the lake or became exhausted, his life was in danger at any time.

After hearing the news, Zhang Jianmin immediately led three team members to the scene to carry out rescue.

The two team members swam towards the man with a throwing rope and controlled him. Zhang Jianmin and another team member pulled the rope on the shore and successfully rescued him in less than a minute.

  Every year from June to October is a period of high incidence of drowning accidents. Even if the sun is scorching hot, Zhang Jianmin can hardly leave the riverside.

Over time, he became an old acquaintance of many "swimmers".

"Children, don't swim too far!" "Dude, don't go into the water without a swimming ring!" Zhang Jianmin reminded kindly.

If he found a dangerous move, he raised his trumpet and shouted sternly: "The river is rushing, don't make fun of your life!"

The picture shows the Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team patrolling the Hankou River Beach in Wuhan City recently.

Photo by Zhang Chang

  In Zhang Jianmin's office, all kinds of rescue equipment were piled up on the ground, and there was a word on the wall that read "Forge ahead bravely."

He said that the spirit of the Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team is "to advance bravely". As long as there is 1% of hope, we will give 100% of our efforts.

Every time a life is saved, everyone is extremely proud.

  As night fell, the river was windy, the light show on the two rivers and four banks of Wuhan lit up the Yangtze River, and several cruise ships sailed in an orderly manner.

Zhang Jianmin said that the city of Wuhan has endowed him with the passion, boldness and justice of his sons and daughters. As an "old Wuhan", he will spend the rest of his life guarding the Yangtze River.