China Weather Network News Today (September 27), Beijing's sunny days continue to be online, and there is light fog in the morning. When driving, you need to keep your distance and drive cautiously.

The highest temperature in Beijing today is 28°C, but it is very cool in the morning and evening, and the lowest temperature is 16°C. You can dress in an onion style and wear an extra coat to prevent catching a cold.

  Yesterday, most of Beijing was sunny and the air was relatively dry. At around 16:00, the temperature at the southern suburbs observatory rose to 28°C, and the body felt slightly hot.

Visibility is poor in Beijing this morning.

(Picture/Wang Xiao of China Weather Network)

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that it will be partly cloudy in Beijing today, with light fog in the morning, northerly to southerly winds of level 2 and 3, and a maximum temperature of 28°C; at night, it will be sunny and cloudy with a minimum temperature of 16°C.

  Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Beijing will still maintain sunny or cloudy weather, and the highest temperature will rise to 30 ℃ the day after tomorrow. Under the blessing of the sun, the body will feel hot in the afternoon, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the minimum temperature is still less than 20 ℃. Clothes to prevent cold.

  The meteorological department reminded that there was light fog in Beijing this morning, and the visibility was poor. Keep your distance when driving and pay attention to traffic safety.

In addition, three days from today, the temperature in Beijing will continue to rise, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and you will feel cold in the morning and evening. Please add clothes in time to prevent colds.