No one will argue with the fact that in 2022 the IG is mainly used as a business platform – here are ideal conditions for demonstrating, advertising and selling their services, products or content. This is already used by a huge number of content creators, and therefore the atmosphere here is not as relaxed as before. Now, in order to achieve results, you need to make a sufficient amount of effort and use third-party tools and services for profile promotion. In this text, we will tell you why to buy Instagram followers in 2022, how to do it correctly, how influence marketing can help you and what result you can achieve in a short time if you combine all the tips we have given in one promo campaign.

1. Plan publications using the program and always work on your content plan. 

Consistency hasn't bothered anyone yet, and this way you can always have relevant ideas at hand and you won't have to suffer from a creative crisis every time it's time for a new publication or story. If you have the opportunity to pay money for a paid publication planner, that's great – in this case, you don't even have to remember what time you need to log in to IG again to publish something new. Regular posting is very important, it not only helps to attract new readers, but also keeps those who have already subscribed. 

2. Make an agreement with a popular (or not so popular) blogger about mutual promotion

So information about you will spread faster on the network and you will be able to quickly increase the audience, and those people who are sincerely interested in the topic in which you post will come sooner. Such PR can cost you money (if you contact a bigger blogger), or it can be free if you work with those who do not have many subs and who are willing to cooperate on a free (or barter, if you are a brand) basis. 

3. If you can't get enough followers, just purchase subs and stop suffering. 

For a beginner, the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers is just perfect – this way you create a database of subs for yourself, which you can rely on later. People are still looking at how many subscribers and who has them – it's stupid to deny and prove the opposite. And the service of buying subs helps to close this need and gives you a lot of free time so that you can focus on more important and complex things. Also, such a service is useful for advanced bloggers: if you are experiencing difficulties with reaching a new level of popularity, the purchased subscribers can be great to insure you. 

4. Post photos where you can see the face. 

According to research, such publications are 35% more popular than others. And it's clear – we love content about people and for people. Therefore, even if you sell some information content or products, you should find time to talk about yourself, about the work of people inside your company, and so on. This is important and greatly increases loyalty. 

5. If you run a business account, create a branded hashtag. 

So users will be able to specify it when buying a product, this will increase your visibility in the IG several times and help reinforce the image with a large number of publications. Hashtags in general should be used a lot and often (but not too much!) – 5-10 under each publication, if you want to attract new people to your profile. You can even use hashtags in stories, but here their effectiveness may vary depending on the case.

Summing up

Do not neglect the opportunity to use paid services and remember that any investment in your profile today will give a wonderful result a little later. Combine them with free methods and work on filling your account, and the results will not be long in coming.