China News Service, Zhoushan, September 25th, question: Zhejiang Zhoushan Cultural Tourism Observation: How far is it from "watching the sea" to "playing in the sea"?

  Author Strict Tong Xiaoyu

  Standing on the top of Dongdao Island, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, you can see the "Didi on the Water" boats carrying batches of people to the island.

On a working day at the end of September, this small island with a permanent population of only more than 80 welcomed more than 100 tourists.

  Ying Zhouhui also started to get busy.

As the person in charge of the "See the Mountains and Seas" camping base on Dongyu Island, he has many tasks, such as preparing meals, packing tents, picking up tourists... He is too busy to eat all day.

  Although the "See the Mountains and Seas" camping base has only recently opened, the popularity of tourists has not diminished, and the tents from Friday to Sunday have been fully booked.

Originally engaged in inbound tourism reception, he has already tasted the sweetness brought by island tourism.

  This is a microcosm of the development of Zhoushan Island Tour.

Zhoushan, which consists of 2,085 islands, has Internet celebrity attractions such as Putuo Mountain and Dongji Island.

In recent years, because of its unique island scenery, it has become a "poetry and distance" for many tourists.

Provided by the Culture, Broadcasting, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Putuo District, Putuo Peach Blossom Island, Zhoushan

  What can tourists do on the island?

  Gazing at the stars and watching the moon, and staring at the sea in a daze are the theme projects of Dongyu Island.

The reporter saw that the fixed tent on the top of the mountain is equipped with small telescopes, and more professional star-gazing equipment will be "settled" here in the future; not far away is the fort left over from the Anti-Japanese War. .

  Wang Shaoling, Secretary of the Party Group of the Culture, Broadcasting, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Putuo District, Zhoushan, provided a "strategy" for island tours:

  In Dongji Island, Putuo District, in addition to the scenery of mountains and seas, tourists can also learn about the folk customs of Dongji, get close contact with the historical imprint of the shipwreck of the "Lisbon Maru", and experience the fun of making fishermen's paintings in the Fisherman's Art Gallery;

  Tourists who like sea fishing can go to Baisha Island.

There is a professional sea fishing area here, and tourists can also follow the old fishermen to go out to sea to experience pulling nets and fishing.

In the morning, you can also go to the Fisherman's House to watch the sun terrace and wait for a beautiful sunrise at sea;

  Jinyong fans can go to Taohua Island, visit the Legend of the Condor Heroes Tourist City, check in Huangyaoshi Villa, Niujia Village, Bagua Bookstore, etc.

  Zhoushan island tours are in full swing, but in Wang Shaoling's view, the local tourism products are still relatively simple, and they are still island tours based on coastal vacations and beach sightseeing, as well as marine activities such as skateboarding, sailing, diving, sea fishing, and surfing. And cruise products have yet to reach the masses.

  He believes that island tourism resources and space are limited after all, and ocean tourism is the real blue ocean.

  Completing the transition from "watching the sea" to "playing in the sea" is not only the bottleneck faced by Zhoushan tourism, but also the confusion of many coastal cities.

  At present, the proportion of people playing sailboats, motor boats, and wake surfing is increasing rapidly, and people are moving from the beach to the ocean.

However, except for cities such as Sanya in Hainan and Xiamen in Fujian, the degree of openness of marine tourism in various places is not high. Compared with Hawaii, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, China's marine tourism is still in its infancy.

  Zhejiang has the fourth largest coastline in China and the largest number of islands in the country. It is also an important part of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" and is a veritable maritime province.

It is an important subject to do a good job of marine articles, among which, the importance of tourism development is self-evident.

  Previously, Ningbo released ten "new forms of marine tourism", including leisure cruises and yachts, fashion sports and fitness tours, etc.; Zhoushan also launched the "Hello Small Island" - the island-to-island initiative, proposing one island, one product, one island, one strategy , so that the island can increase the cultural experience of the island, dynamic sports and entertainment in addition to sightseeing, vacation and leisure.

  However, in order to form a three-dimensional marine vacation tourism series of coastal, sea, air, and submarine products, it is necessary to cooperate with many parties to achieve breakthroughs and innovations.

  It is believed that by then, the island tour with full houses and popular restaurants will be able to go to "deep blue", and tourists can "play in the sea" in addition to "seeing the sea".