China News Service, Suzhou, September 25th (Zhou Jianlin) The 4th Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo closed in Suzhou on the 25th.

During this exhibition, six themed exhibitions, including the Canal City Cultural and Tourism Boutique Exhibition, the "Encounter of the Silk Road and the Canal" International Exhibition, the Canal Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, and the Canal Digital Cultural Tourism Industry Exhibition, will be on display, creating an endless picture of the canal. slowly unfolded.

  The Canal's "circle of friends" is constantly expanding. This year, the number of exhibitors outside Jiangsu Province has further increased compared with previous years, accounting for 65%.

From Tianjin Jinmen culture to Hebei Yanzhao culture, from Henan Central Plains culture to Shandong Qilu culture, from Jiangsu Wuchu culture to Zhejiang Dongyue culture, 36 cities along the canal exhibit vividly reflecting the canal friendship between cities. .

  In the exhibition area of ​​Luoyang, Henan Province, all kinds of peonies "bloom" on the white porcelain plate, which is charming and charming.

"Master Guo Aihe's works are very popular at the exhibition." According to Guo Shasha, director of the Office of Luoyang Sancai Art Museum, "Luoyang Sancai Art" is a pioneering work in the history of ceramics and a treasure of Chinese history and culture.

After nearly 40 years of inheritance and development, the master of Chinese arts and crafts Guo Aihe has enriched the three-color skills, making them more suitable for the aesthetics of modern people, and revitalizing intangible cultural heritage products.

  Walking in the exhibition halls of cities in Jiangsu Province, you can feel the strong local customs and unique culture.

The Suzhou Pavilion, which presents the Jiangnan culture and the beauty of the scenery and scenery of the Suzhou section of the Grand Canal, is based on the theme of "Suzhou-style life and free experience". Here, there are layouts of "Shushu Suzhou", "Heavenly Works in Suzhou", "Performance Suzhou" and "Enjoy Suzhou". The five sections of "Night Tour in Suzhou" lead tourists to experience the exquisite and comfortable Suzhou-style life in an immersive way in the form of video, graphic, digital display, and interactive experience.

  The Silk Road and the Canal not only intersect in Jiangsu, but Jiangsu is also the "crossroads" of sea and land transportation in ancient China.

The "Encounter of the Silk Road and the Canal" international exhibition presents a distinctive "international style" and "exotic style".

The exhibition attracted 105 companies from South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Thailand and other countries to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibits exhibited have strong regional and national characteristics, covering oil painting, wine, sculpture, special food, jade, ceramics and other cultural and artistic works.

  The largest exhibition area in the pavilion is "China-Europe Oil Painting Art Exchange Exhibition", which is composed of two themes of Jiangsu oil painting and European oil painting, including "international cultural communication on the Silk Road" and "regional cultural protection and expansion of the canal" Blending cultures concept.

This exhibition selected more than 80 oil painters from Jiangsu and Europe to meet here, representing the cross-regional, cross-temporal intersection of the Silk Road and the Canal in terms of culture and art, and an important international cultural exchange.

  The Grand Canal runs through the north and the south and flows for thousands of years. The beauty of water nourishes the people on both sides of the strait. There are countless categories of intangible cultural heritage arising from the canal.

This year's Games Expo highlights the concept of "intangible cultural heritage +", and carefully organizes a total of 54 intangible cultural heritage projects above the municipal level, 74 intangible cultural heritage enterprises, and nearly 1,000 intangible cultural heritage works in 8 provinces and cities along the Grand Canal. The latest achievements in the protection of intangible cultural heritage.

  Watch the exquisite skills of Xu Bingfang and Xu Wenjing's father and daughter using a knife as a brush and painting into the bamboo; learn the process of making "ink and wash" on the cloth by Jiao Baolin and Jiao Huirong, the inheritors of Nantong's tie-dyeing skills; listen to Su embroidery The inheritors Yao Jianping and Yao Lan's mother and daughter described the history of the inheritance of Suzhou embroidery skills; they admired the exquisite works of the masters and apprentices of the inheritors of cloisonne production skills Li Peiqing and Huang Yueling... The live display of 16 new and old inheritors attracted many audiences to stop and watch.

  The "Canal Food Culture Exhibition" invites more than 100 enterprises, units, and 20 intangible cultural heritage food masters to display and sell more than 800 kinds of products on site, fully display the rich products and famous dishes of the Grand Canal Basin, and fully reflect that the people along the Canal follow nature life attitude and cultural genes of pluralism.

  When world heritage and modern technology meet, what kind of sparks will they collide?

In the Canal Digital Cultural Tourism Industry Exhibition, immersive exhibition experience can be seen everywhere.

This year's Games will deeply integrate digital technology and culture, highlighting the enabling elements of technology, unlocking new scenarios and bringing new experiences to the audience.

  Stepping into the 5G Grand Canal Immersive Experience Hall, surrounded by five screens, "start" from the southern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and pass through 17 canal cities in turn.

5G signal + VR 720° panoramic view, presenting the beauty of the canal and the ecology in real time, making the audience continuously admire.

  "Visit the exhibition, adults can explore the history of the Grand Canal and feel the rich cultural connotation of the Grand Canal, while children can approach the Grand Canal and fall in love with the Grand Canal in the interactive experience." said Wu Hua, the audience, "The Grand Canal in the exhibition hall ", touching history and looking forward to the future.

According to incomplete statistics, a total of nearly 100,000 person-times walked into the six themed exhibitions and related activities of the Games, and the online audience exceeded 370 million person-times.