The police can look back on a relatively quiet first week of Oktoberfest.

The positive trend of recent years continues, the Munich police said on Sunday.

Karen Truscheit

Editor in the “Germany and the World” department.

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There were therefore fewer operations compared to Oktoberfest 2019: So far there are 923, at that time there were 1010 at halftime. The number of the 479 crimes identified so far is in line with previous years.

These include 119 assault offenses (128 in 2019) and 134 theft offenses.

According to the police, however, there has been a slight increase in sexual offenses: so far there were 31, in 2019 there were 25. So far this year, the crimes have only included acts such as "touching" or insults with a sexual basis.

There was also an increase in resistance to police officers.

So far there have been 22 of these crimes, in 2019 there were still nine.

Nine officers were injured, in 2019 there were three officers.

Meanwhile, the hosts reported a 15 percent drop in beer consumption compared to 2019, and the helpers at the Wiesn medical station had to treat 30 percent fewer patients.

Despite the drop in alcohol consumption, about half of the 2,600 medical treatments in the medical center this year were alcohol-related.