Unfortunately (or fortunately), there won't be another prequel movie to

The Shining


In question, the huge flop of

Doctor Sleep

, a film by Mike Flanagan with Ewan McGregor released in 2019.

This is in any case the reason given by the filmmaker who did not fail to be saddened by the decision of Warner on its networks.

“We were so close.

I will always regret that it didn't happen,” he wrote on Twitter, while planning to make a feature film dedicated to the character of Dick Hallorann, the chef of the Overlook Hotel who appears in the novels of Stephen King.

A bitter failure

If this abandonment is sad for Mike Flanagan, difficult not to understand the decision of the studios, while

Doctor Sleep

brought in just over $30 million at the worldwide box office while collecting rather mixed reviews.

Moreover, it is not the only project linked to this license that has suffered from this commercial failure.

In 2021, HBO Max had decided to shelve a series project whose action would have taken place in the famous Overlook Hotel.

But in the end, did we really need to go back?

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