There is less than a week before the 2022 National Day file. As of press time, a total of 7 films have been finalized, including "Homecoming", "King of the Sky", "Iron Will", "Ordinary Heroes" and 3 films suitable for children to watch. "New Cinderella 2", "I Am Tyrannosaurus Rex", "New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 5: My Alien Friend".

  This year's National Day file is also called "the quietest National Day file in history" in the industry due to the delay in the lack of heavyweight new films.

However, "limit setting" has become the norm in the film industry, and "post-screening announcement" has become a new trend.

Recently, the four main theme films of "Homecoming", "The King of the Sky", "Iron Will" and "Ordinary Heroes" have been set, and the keynote of this year's National Day theme film has been finalized.

  While waiting for the National Day files to kick off, the Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter also went back and sorted out the National Day files since 2008. Through the analysis of the released films and box office data, take a look at the National Day files over the past ten years. What changes have the genre of film creation experienced, and try to analyze the future trend of National Day files from the changes in the audience's viewing tastes.


  From "Painted Skin" to "Di Renjie"

  The gate of the National Day stall opened by the costume visual effect blockbuster

  When it comes to National Day stalls, everyone is familiar with them.

The costume magic love movie "Painted Skin" released in 2008 opened the door to National Day stalls.

  On September 29, 2009, China's first commercial espionage blockbuster "The Wind" was released, and the box office reached 150 million yuan on the National Day that year, successfully establishing this period as a "golden file".

  In the following two years, from "Di Renjie: The Empire of Heaven" directed by Tsui Hark to "Painted Wall" directed by Chen Jiashang, Chinese costume visual effects blockbusters have risen in the National Day archives, bringing unprecedented visual impact to the audience.

  The National Day file in 2012 was considered to be "the most tragic National Day file in history".

Although there are five blockbuster films including "Tai Chi 1: Starting from Zero", "Tong Sparrow", "Dangerous Relationship", "Second Exposure" and "The Ring Messenger", these films are not well-received and the audience does not buy them well, which led to the The national box office of National Day films was only 370 million yuan.

The top-ranked "Tai Chi 1: Starting From Zero" failed to break 100 million at the box office during the schedule, and became the most easily overlooked "National Day Champion" in various inventory.

  Because of the success of "Di Renjie: The Empire of Heaven", three years later, in the National Day file, Tsui Hark launched "Di Renjie: The Dragon King of the God City", which undoubtedly won the box office champion of that year's National Day file.

This film is also the first time for a Chinese-language film to shoot 3D underwater. The crew invited an Australian underwater 3D photographer to shoot the world's only underwater 3D camera, combining traditional martial arts, suspense and 3D technology to become another visual spectacle. .

  year 2013

  Ning Hao + Huang Bo + Xu Zheng National Day file 1 billion + the arrival of the era

  Compared with the dominance of "Dragon King, the God of Di Renjie" in 2013, the National Day file in 2014 was a melee. This year, the National Day file became mature.

A number of heavyweight Chinese blockbusters such as "Heart Flower Road Fang", "Ruffian Hero: Dawn Rising", "Dear" and "Golden Age" were released together, covering feature films, comedies, biopics, action films and other different genres.

In 2014, the National Day file broke the one billion mark for the first time with a box office of 1.118 billion yuan, and the era of 1 billion+ for the National Day file is coming.

  The comedy "Flower of the Heart" shines brightly, breaking the previous situation of magic and martial arts costume blockbusters occupying the National Day stalls.

The main creative lineup of "Heart Flower Road Fang" is strong. Director Ning Hao and starring Huang Bo and Xu Zheng make the film show extraordinary box office appeal.

Previously, "Crazy Stone" and "Crazy Racing" co-authored by Ning Hao and Huang Bo have become textbook cases of small-scale efforts; Xu Zheng's film director's debut "Taiwan" is the first Chinese-language film to exceed 1 billion at the box office.

They joined forces to enter the National Day stalls, and the box office hit is expected.


  "Charlotte Trouble" PK "Hong Kong 囧"

  "Happy Twist" emerges

  In 2015 National Day, there were 4 popular films released.

Because of the great success of "Thailand", the comedy "Hong Kong" directed by Xu Zheng has a wide audience base; "Nine-Story Demon Tower" is adapted from the famous tomb robbery novel; "Rescue Mr. Wu" starring Andy Lau, Liu Ye and other famous actors On the contrary, the happy twist comedy "Charlotte Trouble" did not have a big investment and a big director.

  The success of "Charlotte Trouble" is due to the film's good reputation.

Audiences expect comedy to be "funny," and most viewers think "Charlotte Annoyance" lives up to that standard.

Under the protection of the excellent script, the film party has formulated a series of targeted marketing plans. The well-polished script and reasonable marketing have jointly contributed to the birth of this "dark horse".

  With the improvement of the audience's viewing level, "word of mouth" plays an increasingly important role in the National Day stalls, and there are more and more cases of counterattacks relying on word of mouth.

In 2016's National Day, "Operation Mekong", which was adapted from real events, counterattacked again with a good reputation, and the box office reached 530 million yuan during the schedule.

  In 2016, Happy Twist launched the annual word-of-mouth work "Donkey Gets Water", but the film was released on October 28, and did not choose the National Day file that year.

In 2017, Happy Twist's third film "Shy Iron Fist" dominated the National Day file with great advantages. This is the second time that Happy Twist has dominated the National Day file after "Charlotte Trouble".

In 2017's National Day file, there is another movie worth mentioning: "Chasing the Dragon" directed by Wang Jing has become a typical case of relying on word of mouth to counterattack. echelon.

  In 2018, Happy Twist entered the National Day file for the third time with a high profile, but "Li Cha's Aunt" encountered Waterloo for the first time due to its poor reputation (currently, the Douban score is only 4.6 points).

"Unparalleled" starring Chow Yun-fat and Aaron Kwok, with its superior quality, counterattacked and reached the top on the third day of the National Day stall.

However, due to the lack of strong "explosive" movies, the 2018 National Day stock market plummeted compared with the previous year.


  "My Motherland and Me" VS "Chinese Captain"

  The main theme film "Breaking the Circle"

  The 2019 National Day file set a new record in the Chinese film market: the total box office reached 4.466 billion, a record high.

This is also a National Day file with a double harvest of box office and word of mouth. Among them, the star-studded main theme movie "My Motherland and Me" won the championship of the National Day file of the year with a box office of 1.956 billion, while the National Day file in 2018, the income of the entire market market. Only 1.908 billion.

The films "Captain China" and "The Climber", which ranked second and third at the National Day box office in 2019, were both adapted from real events. Both of these two main theme films better balance the relationship between authenticity and artistry.

  In 2020, the film market after the epidemic finally ushered in an outbreak in the National Day file, and the 8-day "extended version of the Golden Week" won a box office of 3.637 billion.

Two days before the National Day holiday, the animated film "Jiang Ziya" had the strongest momentum; but then the main theme film "My Hometown and Me" successfully counterattacked, and the latter eventually became the biggest winner with a cumulative box office of 1.874 billion yuan.

  Many movie fans have deep memories of last year's (2021) National Day file. The national film box office was as high as 4.389 billion yuan, making it the second largest in Chinese film history in the same period, second only to the 2019 National Day file.

"Changjin Lake" and "My Fathers and Me" two main theme films have obvious head film effects. Among them, "Changjin Lake" broke a number of film history records and achieved a box office of up to 3.2 billion within the schedule.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in early 2020, Chinese films have suffered heavy losses. It is not easy to achieve such good results last year for the National Day file.

  In recent years, in the National Day files, the main theme films have repeatedly "broken the circle". The main theme movies have begun to explore the genre, and they have become more and more mature in the selection of themes and narrative methods. The strong emotions expressed in the films have aroused the emotional resonance of the audience. Tell a story.


  7 films compete for the National Day file

  Can the main theme movie continue the box office myth?

  As one of the three golden periods of the year, the National Day period is a key period for many film and television companies to impact their annual performance, and it is also a very optimistic period for the first film companies such as Bona Films, Wanda Films, Enlight Media, and China Film.

  Relevant data show that from 2006 to 2008, 15.57% of the top ten box-office revenue of domestic films were captured by Huayi, second only to China Film Group in box-office revenue.

It was these two companies that jointly launched the concept of "National Day" in 2009. The two hits "The Founding of the People's Republic of China" and "The Wind" made it a consumption habit for audiences to watch movies during the National Day holiday.

  Whether it is "Di Renjie's Tongtian Empire" in 2010 or "Di Renjie's God of the Dragon King" in 2013, Huayi Brothers broke out continuously during the National Day.

However, in the next few years, Huayi was in trouble, and it was difficult to make achievements in the National Day file.

In 2018, "Find You" produced by Huayi Brothers was released on the National Day and achieved a good reputation, but it was difficult to reverse the decline of Huayi.

Last year, "Heroes of the Railroad" produced by Huayi Brothers was originally aimed at the National Day file, and later chose to be released in November, and finally only achieved a box office of 140 million.

  In recent years, Bona Films has become a winning general in the National Day files. From "Operation Mekong", "Captain of China" to "Changjin Lake", the successful commercialization of the main theme movies has become a major part of Bona Films. Highlights.

  Going back to this year's National Day file, as of the press release, a total of 7 films have been finalized, including "The Journey Home" (starring Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai, Yin Tao), "The King of the Sky" (starring Wang Yibo, Hu Jun, etc.), Will of Steel" (starring Liu Ye, Han Xue, Lin Yongjian, etc.), "Ordinary Heroes" (starring Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng), and 3 children-friendly films "New Cinderella 2", "I Am Tyrannosaurus Rex", "The New Big Head Son He Little Head Daddy 5: My Alien Friend.

  According to the Maoyan list data, as of 11:33 on September 24, the pre-sale box office of new films on National Day in 2022 exceeded 20 million yuan, of which "King of the Sky" temporarily topped the list with 15.8765 million yuan.

  On September 23, the four new themed films of "King of the Sky", "The Way Back", "Ordinary Heroes" and "Iron Will" were officially announced to be released on September 30.

  In recent years, excellent works of main theme movies have been emerging, winning the love of young people, and gradually becoming the standard for National Day stalls, with a double harvest of word-of-mouth box office.

This year, for the first time, "The Journey Home", which focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the evacuation of Chinese diplomats, "The King of the Sky", which focuses on the group of Chinese test pilots for the first time, and "Steel Will", which tells the story of the first batch of molten iron produced by Ansteel employees in the early days of liberation, is on the big screen for the first time. Can the main theme movie continue the box office myth?

Worth watching.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Zhang Shihao

  Intern Xiao Zhiwen