Such self-improvement is necessary

  This year's Teacher's Day has passed, but it is not an isolated phenomenon that still deserves attention.

Before the festival, in a parent group of a school in Liuzhou, Guangxi, the parent committee asked the parents in the group to pool money to buy a cosmetic gift box for the teacher.

The so-called "initiative" seems to be "voluntary", but in fact it is suspected of "kidnapping" parents.

The family committee has repeatedly "played" itself, reflecting the dislocation of some family committee roles that cannot be ignored.

  Real-time dynamic supervision

  The parent committee is supposed to provide services for parents and supervise schools, and should not be alienated to provide "services" for schools and "supervision" for parents.

Education departments and schools should strengthen the dynamic supervision of the family committee, remind and prevent improper speech and behavior, ensure the independence of the family committee, open channels for accepting opinions and suggestions, and give parents the confidence to speak out.

  Fang Jiangqi, People's Court of Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province

  Clear rights and obligations

  The family committee is not a wrestling field or a circle of powerful people competing for resources.

It is necessary to clarify the rights and obligations of the family committee in the system, optimize the generation method of family committee members, and guide the election of the family committee to pay more attention to the concept, knowledge, morality, and mentality of parents, rather than identity, wealth, power, and resources. It is necessary to abide by the boundary between school education and family education, not only to avoid the family committee and the school opposing each other, but also to avoid the family committee becoming a vassal of the school.

  Li Wei, People's Procuratorate of Feixiang District, Handan City, Hebei Province

  Can't obscure identity

  The establishment of the family committee is a bridge for teachers and parents to establish a positive interaction, rather than a stage for individual parents to "add drama".

On the one hand, the family committee must accept internal supervision, and the members of the family committee must find the right role and not blur their identities; on the other hand, the family committee must also accept the supervision of external parents.

When doing something, it is necessary to announce it to the parents in time, clarify the interests and fully listen to the opinions of the parents.

  Cao Jifeng, Department of Justice of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

  return to role

  Nowadays, the family committee has become the standard configuration of most schools. Its original intention is good, but now there are chaos such as comparisons and illegal fees, which aggravate educational injustice to some extent.

As a bridge of communication between home and school, the family committee should return to its role, fully respect the personal wishes of parents, never kidnap morality, accompany the school and parents to accompany the healthy growth of children, and create a clean and upright educational environment.

  Xu Jing, People's Procuratorate of Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province

  Create a negative list

  In order to make the family committee abide by the boundaries and do something and refrain from doing something, we can learn from the practice of some education departments to set up a "negative list" for the work of the family committee. For example, parents are not allowed to give gifts to teachers, arbitrary fees are not allowed, Mandatory donation or apportionment of teaching supplies or equipment, etc.

  Dong Xilan, Traffic Police Brigade, Wannian County Public Security Bureau, Jiangxi Province