China News Service, Beijing, September 23 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) "I won't sleep if the moon doesn't sleep." In the fast-paced modern society, "staying up late" seems to have become a common phenomenon, chasing dramas, watching short videos, insomnia... The reasons vary.

  Recently, many topics related to sleep have been on the hot search.

Good sleep can relieve fatigue and play an important role in physical health.

Peng Zhiping, director of the Information Science Department of the China Sleep Research Association, said in an interview with Chinanews that the harm of staying up late for a long time is obvious.

  "For example, it may lead to memory loss, colds, and endocrine diseases. In addition, it is also easy to affect the work efficiency of the next day. Some people with poor sleep will cause metabolic disorders, which will lead to obesity." He said.

Data map: "Put down the phone and sleep peacefully" is written on the model mobile phone.

Photo by Chen Chao

  If you want to have a good sleep, Peng Zhiping suggested that you should eat lightly and not eat too much; listen to some light music to calm yourself down; keep a good attitude, let go of work and worries, etc.

A good night's sleep: awake till dawn?

  Sleep accounts for about 1/3 of a person's life and can play a role in relieving fatigue, restoring physical strength and energy, enhancing immunity, rehabilitating the body, delaying aging and relieving mental health.

  Peng Zhiping said that the neurotransmitters related to the physiological mechanism of sleep mainly include adenosine, melatonin, interleukin and so on.

Among them, melatonin is one of the hormones secreted by the pineal gland of the brain.

The level of melatonin at night directly affects the quality of sleep.

  Interleukins are a class of cytokines that are produced by and act on a variety of cells. Participating in sleep regulation can cause body fever and significantly increase sleep.

  He explained that, as far as adults are concerned, better sleep is mainly to keep the sleep duration at 6-8 hours; the time to fall asleep is fast, generally you can fall asleep within half an hour of going to bed, and sleep until dawn.

Data map: The picture shows the students falling asleep peacefully under the guidance of the teacher.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Ji Dong

  In addition, if a person self-assessed well in terms of mental state and mental state after waking up the next day, this indicates that the sleep quality is high and it is healthy sleep.

What are the "signals" your body sends out when you don't get enough sleep?

  Unconsciously, many young people have quietly joined the army of health preservation. Some people choose to soak their feet before going to bed to relieve fatigue and want a good night’s sleep;

  Peng Zhiping said that the main performance of adequate sleep is to fall asleep quickly, fall asleep within half an hour; sleep time can be maintained for 6-8 hours, sleep process is good, feel good about yourself, emotional stability, and energetic the next day.

  When lack of sleep, people tend to become short-tempered, irritable, forgetful, and even restless; the efficiency of daily activities decreases, memory declines during learning, frequent colds, headaches, etc. These are all "signals" sent by the body.

  The harm of staying up late for a long time is even more obvious, for example, it may lead to memory loss, easy to catch cold, and easy to cause endocrine diseases.

In addition, it is also easy to affect the work efficiency of the next day, and psychological problems such as affecting emotions occur.

  "Generally speaking, going to bed after 11 p.m. is considered staying up late, but this time is academically controversial. Supplementary sleep basically cannot make up for the damage to the body caused by staying up late." Peng Zhiping said.

Data map: In Taiyuan, Shanxi, people sleep under the guidance of a professional hypnotist to release stress.

Photo by Wei Liang issued by China News Agency

  Some people occasionally have a feeling of falling from a height in their dreams during sleep. Peng Zhiping said that this is clinically called muscle twitching, which is a relatively common physiological phenomenon and has a certain relationship with poor sleep quality.

Early to bed and early to rise in autumn

  How can I have a good night's sleep?

This is probably the concern of many people.

  In this regard, Peng Zhiping gave some suggestions, such as eating lightly and not eating too much; listening to some light music to calm down; maintaining a good attitude and letting go of work and worries; do not drink a lot of water 2 hours before going to bed, Do not drink stimulant drinks such as tea and coffee; try not to drink alcohol and smoke.

  In addition, according to different seasons, spring and summer are suitable for going to bed late and getting up early. You need to sleep 6-8 hours a day. The best time to fall asleep at night is 22-23, and it is best to take a nap for 15-30 minutes at 12-13 noon.

  In autumn, you should go to bed early and get up early, and you need to sleep 7-8 hours a day. In winter, you should go to bed early and get up late, and you need to sleep 7-9 hours a day.

"The above is the sleep time for adults. The metabolism of the elderly slows down, and sleep can be appropriately reduced." Peng Zhiping said.