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It is one of the most popular water sports in the world, but

diving lovers

are not satisfied with just any place.

For this reason, we look for the best places to practice it according to the study carried out by the


agency Felicesvacaciones.es

1. Cape Kri (Raja Ampat, Indonesia)

Indonesia's Cape Kri recognized as the

most biodiverse

and pristine dive site in the world.

In addition to the typical Raja Ampat reef, large schools of all kinds of fish and diverse marine life can be found.

In fact, it met a record of 374 different species found in the surrounding area.

You can admire snappers, black tip reef sharks,

bat fish, sword fish, surgeonfish, flag, unicorn and squirrel

Napoleon lobsters, turtles, yellow fin tuna...

2. Maaya Thila (South Ari Atoll, Maldives)

Traveling to the Maldives has been growing in popularity as a diving destination for decades.

And Maaya Thila is an example of why.

Around the

coral outcrops

and caves that surround the Thila, all kinds of marine creatures can be found: whitetip sharks,

freshwater fish, manta rays, giant turtles

, tuna, blue-faced angelfish, parrotfish. ... At night is when the reef shows its true colors.

With the help of a diving light, you can also watch sharks that come out to hunt at night, as well as eels that go in and out of

coral reefs.


The Maldives are an ideal place to dive all year round, but the best conditions are from January to April.

So the lime is hot and dry, and divers can experience the best visibility at this time of year.

3. Santa Rosa Wall (Cozumel, Mexico)

Cozumel is a

favorite dive spot

for many reasons, and the Santa Rosa wall is one of the best known.

It starts shallow, just 15 meters.

There are many species of coral to see, as well as brightly colored sponges,

turtles, tick lime fish, giant parrot fish

... The average water temperature varies, but remains quite warm throughout the year.

However, hurricane season runs from June to November, so to avoid storms it is best to go from November to May.

4. Lady Elliot (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on Earth, with 2,600 km2.

You can see more than

2,900 individual reefs

and 2,000 species of tropical fish of all colors and sizes.

But, of course, it is above all the coral that makes the place so special.

At many points along the coast you can already see just

below the surface of the water


The best place to dive is Lady Elliot, a stunning tropical island.

5. The Great Blue Hole (Belize)

This Caribbean dive site is a

natural wonder

that the Earth has gifted to lovers of underwater exploration.

It is also part of the

UNESCO World Heritage


After a boat trip of about two hours from Belize, you reach an atoll formed by a deep blue hole 300 meters in diameter.

This large opening was once the roof of a limestone cave and is now the starting point for one of the most beautiful dives.

The deepest is about 40 meters.

Once underwater, sharks and all kinds of fish are seen, as well as corals.

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