Comedian Kim Ki-soo apologized for using fakes.

Kim Ki-soo recently uploaded a video titled 'I am Ki-soo Kim' on his YouTube channel and bowed his head, saying, "I didn't realize that many people were watching it."

Kim Ki-soo said, "I bow my head and apologize once again for my rash actions and speech that I felt like I was just communicating with close friends, for not being able to distinguish valuable feedback from malicious comments because I've seen a lot of malicious comments. I will tell you,” he added.

Kim Ki-soo, who emphasized that "all counterfeit items have been disposed of," said, "I will become Kim Ki-soo who will not disappoint with his rash words and actions in the future."

Recently, Kim Ki-soo sparked controversy by revealing a fake bag during his live broadcast.

Criticism of the use of counterfeit products came out and issued an apology.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)