As Typhoon Nanmadol is heading north, rain and wind are continuing on the east coast.

Strong wind warnings are in effect for most coastal regions and typhoon warnings are in effect for seas.

Typhoon Nan Madol Where are you now?

For more information, please contact the Meteorological Center.

Please tell me, Caster Lim Eun-jin.


Currently, the inland area is exposed to blue skies, but a gust of wind is still blowing in the east coast area.

Typhoon Nanmadol is currently moving between land and sea near the west of Osaka.

In the future, the typhoon will move north along the Japanese archipelago, but the influence of Korea will gradually become farther away.

If you look at the rain that is currently falling, it looks like the rain that has been falling mainly on the east coast has almost subsided or has escaped.

However, for an instant, gusts of 15 to 25 m/s are continuing around the Yeongnam coast.

If you look at the current weather conditions, typhoon warnings are still in effect for the southern and eastern seas.

Wind warnings are also in effect for most other seas.

Also, gusts are blowing along the coast, so you need to be careful about safety accidents along the coast so that there are no accidents caused by the gusts.

If you look at the amount of rain expected in the future, it will be up to 80mm on Ulleungdo and Dokdo, and 5~40mm around the other eastern areas.

From tomorrow, when we are free from the effects of the typhoon, the skies across the country will be clear.

However, the cool autumn weather is expected to continue as the daytime temperature drops significantly.