Typhoon Nanmadol is currently heading north near Kagoshima, Japan.

It is predicted that this typhoon will move along the Japanese archipelago in the future, but it will deviate from Korea in its course, but will have a major impact mainly on the Yeongnam coast, which is within the radius of strong winds.

If you look at the radar image now, a cloud belt that has developed strongly like this is approaching from the southeast, and the wind is also getting stronger, so a typhoon warning has been issued centered on these areas and the southern coast.

The rain and wind will become even stronger in the future and will continue until tomorrow (19th).

Up to 150mm or more will pour down the Yeongnam coast, and very strong winds with a maximum wind speed of 35m per second will also blow.

Please be careful not to damage it.

On the other hand, as the heat brought by the typhoon and the influence of the east wind added to it, late heat was rampant inland today.

Starting tomorrow, the effects of the typhoon will gradually recede, and the daytime temperature will also show a downward trend, and the cool autumn weather will be restored.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)