“Your CPF balance has expired”;

“Your Carte Vitale is about to expire”;

“Your package has arrived.

Please check it and receive it”… This kind of messages, calls, which we receive frequently and which flood our mailboxes will perhaps soon be nothing more than a distant (bad) memory.

According to information from Le


, the National Assembly will examine on October 6 a bill prohibiting cold calling.

The Modem intends to legislate to "prohibit the canvassing of training organizations", by call, SMS or e-mail.

Other good news, from January 1, 2023, mobile phone numbers starting with 06 and 07 will be reserved only for individuals, in order to avoid any fraud and abusive commercial calls.

The Arcep (Communications Regulatory Authority) notably offers automatic platforms the use of numbers starting with 09, thus making it possible to quickly detect whether the call is unwanted or not.

And you, have you been the victim of abusive canvassing?

Do you receive text messages or calls concerning your CPF, Vitale card, parcels, etc.?


How do you react ?

Have you been the victim of a fraud, scam?

What do you think of the proposals cited in the article to end it?

Tell us in the form below.

Your testimony may be used to write an article.

Thanks in advance !


CPF fraud increased sharply in France in 2021, as did Covid-19 aid fraud


Personal training account: Beware of messages telling you that your CPF is about to expire

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