[Explanation] On September 2, the first Great Country Craftsman Forum with the theme of "Ingenuity Pursuing Dreams and Strengthening Our Country" was held in Changsha, Hunan.

On the same day, a number of "big country craftsmen" from all walks of life attended the forum and shared their struggle stories with the participants.

  At the opening ceremony, Ai Aiguo, winner of the "July 1st Medal", a craftsman from a great country and a welding consultant of Hunan Iron and Steel Group Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech, telling the story of how he and his companions boldly adopted international advanced technology to overcome industry difficulties many years ago.

  [Same period] Ai Aiguo, winner of the "July 1st Medal" and a craftsman from a great country

  In 1987, a large domestic iron and steel enterprise imported the world's largest oxygen generator. How to keep more than 20,000 welds from leaking under the cryogenic condition of -196℃ is a major problem in the industry.

My colleagues and I boldly adopted the international advanced double-sided simultaneous welding technology and successfully overcome this difficulty.

Many foreign experts said after the exchange: "You Chinese craftsmen are really not easy."

  [Explanation] Ai Aiguo said that to be a good worker and strive to be a craftsman, you should first be dedicated and consistent.

Therefore, after more than 50 years as a welder, he has been focusing on one thing all his life.

In addition, one should also be diligent in research and master technology; be brave in hard work and be willing to endure hardship;

He introduced that in his career, he has encountered many "stumbling blocks".

  [Same period] Ai Aiguo, winner of the "July 1st Medal" and a craftsman from a great country

  In the 1980s, China organized steel mills across the country to carry out research on the "through-flow" new type of blast furnace red copper tuyere.

My colleagues and I tried a variety of solutions without success, but we were not discouraged, and we worked hard for more than three months, and finally gnawed on this "hard bone".

  [Commentary] Aiguo Ai said that over the years, he has been working hard. He has not only participated in the welding technology research of major national projects for many times, but also solved more than 400 welding technical problems for Chinese enterprises, improved more than 100 welding processes, and obtained One national second prize for scientific and technological progress, two national invention patents and one national utility model patent.

  Aiguo Ai said that he can make a difference in the position of welder. On the one hand, he has never changed his original intention and belief of "doing things to the extreme, and being a worker must be the best", and more importantly, the times have shown him. The stage of craftsmanship.

  [Same period] Ai Aiguo, winner of the "July 1st Medal" and a craftsman from a great country

  I will give full play to my residual heat in the position of welder that I love and make new contributions.

It will also take the responsibility and responsibility of "craftsmen of a great country" to do a good job in inheriting the spirit of craftsmen and assisting with skills, and together with all the craftsmen of the great country, lead the majority of workers, especially young workers, on the road of becoming skilled and serving the country with practical actions.

  Reported by Guan Ziwen in Changsha

Responsible editor: [Liu Xian]