Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of elderly hospitalized patients has increased at university hospitals in Tokyo, and there have been cases where chronic diseases have worsened during hospitalization. is increasing, and the severe situation continues.

At the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, a total of 30 beds have been secured as corona beds for patients with severe and moderate illness, but as of the 30th of last month, 23 beds, which is three-fourths, were filled, and it was tight. situation continues.

In addition, the number of elderly patients aged 65 and over is increasing at this university hospital, and as of the 30th, it accounts for 70% of the inpatients.

It is said that these elderly patients have reduced food intake due to the symptoms of sore throat due to the new corona, and there are cases where their chronic diseases worsen due to weakened physical strength.

For this reason, at this university hospital, in addition to the treatment of the new corona, treatment is performed in cooperation with specialists such as cancer, and if the symptoms of the new corona improve, the transfer to a specialized hospital is arranged. I'm here.

In addition, we are also focusing on rehabilitation so that patients can be discharged quickly, but the number of elderly hospitalized patients is increasing, and the burden on specialized staff is increasing.

Minoru Ueki, assistant director of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, said, "Elderly patients often have chronic illnesses, and it takes time for them to be treated or discharged from the hospital. Furthermore, the more seniors there are in terms of nursing care and rehabilitation, the greater the burden will be. The number of patients with the new coronavirus is gradually decreasing, but the hospital is still in a difficult situation."