China News Service, Taiyuan, August 21 (Liu Xiaohong) Over the past few days, heavy rainfall has frequently "hit" Jin.

In the meantime, Shanxi has frequent geological and mountain torrent disasters and meteorological risk warnings.

  On the 21st, Shanxi issued two meteorological risk warnings for mountain torrent disasters.

The Shanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources and the Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a meteorological risk warning for mountain torrent disasters. , Taiyuan City, Yangquan City, northern Jinzhong City, and most of Luliang City are likely to have flash floods (yellow warning), most of Datong City, most of Shuozhou City, southern Jinzhong City, northern Linfen City, Changzhi City, Flash floods (blue warning) may occur in the east of Jincheng.

  The above-mentioned early warning information reminds that relevant units and departments should do real-time monitoring, flood control early warning, and transfer and avoid risks; the general public should arrange production and life, stay away from the border mountains and valleys, avoid mountain torrent channels, and pay attention to preventing flood threats.

  On the same day, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources and the Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a geological disaster meteorological risk warning. Affected by strong precipitation, it is expected that in the next 24 hours, the geological disaster meteorological risk warning level in some areas such as Xinzhou, Luliang and other places will be grade 2 orange. High geological disaster meteorological risk; some areas of Datong, Shuozhou, Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Yangquan and other places have a geological disaster meteorological risk early warning level of three-level yellow, which has a high geological disaster meteorological risk.

  In recent days, heavy rainfall has occurred frequently in many places in Shanxi.

On the 21st, the Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning again. The warning areas are southern Datong, Shuozhou, Xinzhou, central and northern Luliang, northern Taiyuan, and northern Yangquan.

It is expected that the rainfall in the warning area in the next 24 hours will reach more than 50 mm.

  In this regard, Shanxi meteorological experts reminded that schools and kindergartens should take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of students and young children; personnel should stay indoors and close doors and windows; drivers should pay attention to road water and traffic jams to ensure safety; Drainage systems such as farmland and fish ponds should be prepared for drainage.