At night it was "loud" at the Belbek air base and in Kerch.

Panic set in in the morning.

They began to publish photographs depicting a burning airfield, write: "We lost", "The enemy is already in the Crimea."

And, to be honest, I would succumb to these moods - but I have Donetsk experience.

Do you know how air defense works?

If not, I report: it works very loudly.

It can shake the ground a little, and sometimes even worldly-wise people confuse air defense with arrival.

So when you are told about "explosions in such and such an area", divide in two and in three.

The second is the psychological struggle, the famous CIPSO.

Every time Donetsk is shelled, users appear in any more or less large public, scribbling texts according to the following patterns.

1. Have you heard that there was a difference of one or two seconds between the exit (gun shot) and arrival?

These are Russians.

They shoot at their own.

2. Here is a photo/video of burning/destroyed Russian military bases.

It looks like we're losing.

3. Did you notice that as soon as the Russians came it got even worse?

All this appears instantly - the guns do not have time to work out.

Further - it spreads over the network, further - it appears in the Nekhta channel.

Of course, the first is either fiction, or there is an audio recording of an artillery duel when a counter-battery fight is heard.

The second (photo / video) is checked by Google and in 80% of cases it turns out to be fake - the photos are old and taken in the wrong place.

Third, without comment, because it is certainly not the Russians who are to blame for the massive shelling of territories that Ukraine considers its own.

This is the experience that taught me, firstly, not to panic, and secondly, to maintain information hygiene - not to enter into any correspondence with the accounts writing this, but it is better to immediately send to the ban.

I think that in the current situation this experience can be useful to the Crimeans.

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