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Headline: Russian-Ukrainian war still at stalemate after almost 6 months of conflict

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Communal workers sweep debris from a student hostel destroyed by shelling in Mykolaiv near the Black Sea in southern Ukraine on August 2, 2022. © AFP/Oleksandr Gimanov

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And "

still no peace negotiation in sight

", explains the special envoy of

El Pais

in Ukraine who underlines that "

Zelensky will only negotiate if Russia abandons all the occupied territories, Crimea included


A firm position on respect for the territorial integrity of the country "

supported yesterday by UN boss Guterres and Turkish President Erdogan during a tripartite meeting with the Ukrainian president in Lviv on the Polish border


As perils mount around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, where Ukrainians and Russians blame each other for attacks “

 which could lead to a global catastrophe

”, notes for its part the


, Moscow still does not intend to evacuate its troops who have been controlling the plant since last spring.

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Another sign of this maximum tension, of "

this hot phase of the conflict

", the deployment on August 18 by Russia of three combat planes equipped with hypersonic missiles in the enclave of Kaliningrad, "

at the borders of NATO countries

" , underlines the



After 6 months of conflict, even if the Russian forces are not making much progress on the ground, and the Ukrainians have succeeded in spectacular attacks in Crimea, "

no one has yet won and no one has yet lost

", analyzes

La Repubblica


Russia, which has taken 24% of the country, nevertheless remains militarily stronger than Ukraine

,” argues an analyst in

Die Welt .

who fears a " 

gloomy scenario for Ukraine in anticipation of winter



With the onset of rains and cold temperatures in Ukraine, the attacks could become more complicated, possibly opening a phase of negotiations 

," said

La Repubblica.

Former Trump Organization chief financial officer pleads guilty to tax evasion

This is "

one more concern for Donald Trump

", in his multiple trouble with the law, says the


correspondent in New York, who points out that Allen Weisselberg, who therefore pleaded guilty on August 18 to " 

15 offenses of tax evasion and robbery

” is very close to Donald Trump.


His faithful lieutenant for more than 50 years

", "

a stainless couple like Batman and Robin

", said the ex-wife of Weisselberg reports

La Repubblica

, the Italian daily which ironically on the fact that "

Robin could well now turn against Batman


Because Weisselberg “ 

will now have to testify against his company, the Trump Organization next October

", and even "

if he has so far refused to implicate Donald Trump 

", nothing says that this "

unwavering loyalty will hold during the trial

", underlines de his side The

New York Times


His testimony could be "disastrous for the ex-president", believes

La Repubblica


Salman Rushdie's alleged attacker pleads not guilty again

A week after the stabbing attack on the novelist in New York State, his alleged attacker Hadi Matar, 24, "

has been charged with attempted murder

", notes the

Wall Street Journal

, which points out that the prosecutor has by moreover strongly denounced the interview given by Matar to the tabloid

New York Post

this week.

An interview reported by a large part of the international press, in which Hadi Matar said he was "


" that Salman Rushdie survived the attack.

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The young American also confesses “

that he doesn't like Rushdie

 ” and accuses him of having “

attacked Islam


While denying having been inspired by the fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini 33 years ago, Matar also reiterates “

all the esteem and admiration he has for the Ayatollah



A real effrontery

" which stunned the prosecutors, further notes the

Wall Street Journal

, which points out that they are studying the possibility of a new charge "

for hate crime

" against Hadi Matar.

Finnish Prime Minister in turmoil after the broadcast of a festive video

A leaked private video that has since gone viral on social media shows Sanna Marin, the 36-year-old Prime Minister, '

drinking, singing and dancing with enthusiasm

' reports the


with a whole "

band of revelers including journalists, people and even a member of his party


Shocking for the opposition, which even called for "

a drug test

" and denounced "

the childish behavior of the Prime Minister, in the midst of the cost of living crisis in Finland, and in the face of Russian threats

", reports the

Washington Post

, which underlines that conversely, many Internet users defend "

his right to party, like people his age


This is exactly what the Finnish Prime Minister pleaded for her defense.


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