August 19, 2022

Frances Bean Cobain thought she wouldn't live to be 30

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love has just celebrated her 30th birthday.

Yet the young woman confided that she was "not sure" to get that far!

She indicates on an Instagram message relayed by Page Six that at 20, she did not believe it.

" 30 years !

Nailed it !

Honestly, I wasn't sure that would happen,” she wrote, peppering her message with sun and butterfly emoji.

The 30-year-old visual artist dissected the state of mind she found herself in: “At the time, an intrinsic sense of deep self-loathing, driven by insecurity, destructive coping mechanisms and more trauma that my body or brain couldn't handle, influenced the way I saw myself and the world;

through the lens of resentment at having been brought into a life that seemed to attract so much chaos and the kind of grief-related pain that seemed inescapable,” Frances Bean Cobain continues, alluding to the loss of her father when she was 2. year.

However, a serious problem during a plane trip changed her outlook on life.

"I'm glad I proved myself wrong and found ways to turn pain into knowledge," she said, concluding that she wanted to "stay sweet," loving with her friends and his family and "continue to learn, so that the growth never stops".

A great program for the years to come!

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Kanye West refuses to apologize for his homeless-inspired collection with Gap

Kanye West is scandalous whatever he does, and even in the field of clothes.

A controversy has just arisen over the decision of the rapper – clothing designer and excellent businessman – to present his new line Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga in construction bags.

These heavy-duty canvas bags are generally used to dispose of waste from a construction site, and can also be collected by the homeless to serve as a blanket or makeshift tent.

Kanye West, he decided that they would replace the hangers (on which the clothes had originally been installed) in the Gap stores.

The customer will come to dip into his trash bags, like poor people fighting over clothes.

This is at least the interpretation that has been made of this marketing “scenography”.

The rapper does not hide from having wanted to refer to the homeless: he wrote it himself in a post on Instagram.

"Look to the children...Look to the homeless...for the greatest inspiration for any design."

Poverty, the source of design… this does not pass in an America weakened by two years of covid and years of deindustrialization.

If Kanye West, or his communications department, withdrew the contentious message, his explanation to the Fox News journalist who opposes creative freedom and castrating media is not done to appease the debate.

“Listen, man.

I'm an innovator, and I'm not here to sit back and apologize for my ideas.

That's exactly what the media is trying to do: ask us to apologize for any ideas that aren't exactly how they want us to think.

And he claims to make the shopping experience more informal and egalitarian.

"It's not a joke, it's not a game. It's not just a celebrity collaboration," he said.

It's my life, you see?

I fight to be in a position to be able to change the world of clothing and bring the best design to people”,


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