Yasmina Kattou, edited by Gauthier Delomez 8:52 p.m., August 19, 2022

A scientific study published in the journal The Lancet deepens knowledge of the causes of cancer.

According to her, tobacco and alcohol are the two main culprits.

Bad eating habits are also pointed out.

But, more than half of cancers are due to metabolic problems.

Tobacco and alcohol are the main causes of cancer in the world, according to a latest study in the scientific journal The Lancet.

It was already established that drinking alcohol and smoking increased the risk of developing cancers, but the study gives more details.

In reality, tobacco is by far the main element that promotes cancer in 34% of cases, for both men and women.


- Carcidiag, to better target cancer treatments

Alcohol consumption comes second for men.

For women, it's different: the second leading cause of cancer is unprotected sex.

Avoid bad eating behaviors

For both sexes, the study reveals that poor dietary habits increase the risk of developing tumors.

Behaviors that can therefore be avoided.

This is why the study pleads for giving greater importance to prevention in order to change habits.

However, more than half of cancers are due to metabolic problems, according to the authors.

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Research must therefore advance on treatments and faster diagnoses, two pillars to avoid millions of deaths.

In 2018, more than nine million people died from cancer.