At the start of the school year,

Numbers and Letters

will only be broadcast on weekends on France 3. Everything is off my little lady / my good sir?

No, only Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat who will soon leave the game as confirmed by France Télévisions to AFP.

Him, the former candidate who had joined the show in 1975 was a man who mattered.


It was he who was in charge of the figures and who trained generations of viewers in mental calculation.

Laurent Romejko remains

She had been drawing consonants and vowels faster than her shadow since 1986. According to

Le Parisien - Today in France

, which recounts a disagreement on the contract side (another story of numbers and letters), the duo will appear for the last time September 11th.

The identity of their replacements is not yet known.

Laurent Romejko, who is celebrating his thirty years at the helm of the game, remains faithful to the position.

Three letters: phew! 


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