China News Service, Nanjing, August 19th (Wu Buqin and Cao Lunping) "In the past few years, I have been holding my breath, just wanting to meet my youngest son who has been separated for many years. Today, I finally realized my dream!" On the 19th, at the police station in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province In the conference room of the bureau's Runzhou branch, 73-year-old Wu Yiquan and 69-year-old Zhu Hongai hugged their son, who had been separated for 36 years, and wept.

  Wu Yiquan and Zhu Hongai have two sons, the youngest son Wu Baojian was born in 1978.

When Wu Baojian was 4 years old, he suffered from keratitis, and the use of streptomycin led to hearing impairment and poor language function.

His parents took him to many hospitals, but they were not cured.

  On March 30, 1978, Wu Yiquan and Zhu Hongai took their son and friends to a scenic spot in Beijing.

Just two minutes after he stopped to rest, Wu Baojian got lost.

"We kept looking, shouting in the nearby streets and alleys, and spent all the savings that could be taken out at the time." Recalling that experience, Zhu Honghe couldn't help crying.

  In January 2021, the Ministry of Public Security deployed public security organs across the country to carry out the "Reunion" operation.

In July 2022, by chance, Wu Yiquan's relatives saw the publicity report that the police helped to find relatives and quickly informed the couple of the news.

On the afternoon of August 1, Wu Yiquan and Zhu Hongai went to the free blood collection point at the Qilidian Police Station of the Runzhou Public Security Bureau and completed the collection of blood samples.

  Through comparison, the police found that the person entered by the police in Hengshan, Hunan was most likely Wu Baojian.

"He wandered to Henan and was met by my brother-in-law and friends. They thought that I didn't have a son, and they wanted to bring him back to me for adoption when they saw that he was well-behaved and cute." Wu Baojian's adoptive father Wang Kaixuan recounted the adoption process at that time.

  In May 1986, Wu Baojian, who was separated from his parents, followed a homeless person to Zhengzhou, Henan.

Mr. Kuang, who was doing business outside, met Wu Baojian, who was begging at the time, at the train station.

"He is half deaf and half dumb. It is very pitiful to wander around with the homeless, so we adopted it." Wang Kaixuan introduced that he took the initiative to report to the relevant local units and went through the relevant procedures.

  After inquiring about the wishes of both parties, the Runzhou Public Security Bureau began to organize a meeting between the two parties.

After 36 years, Wu Baojian set foot on his homeland for the first time.

  "Son! We finally found you, and I thought we would never see you again in this life!" On the 19th, in the conference room, Wu Yiquan and Zhu Hongai hugged Wu Baojian tightly.

  The husband and wife presented the pennant with the words "A thousand miles to find a relative to realize the dream, and the Runzhou Public Security to help the people to relieve their difficulties" to the Runzhou Public Security Bureau to express their deep gratitude to the police, "Over the years, we have never found Baojian, in just ten days, you have helped us realize our dream."

  "The reunion has never ended; the action continues. In recent years, the Runzhou Public Security Bureau has integrated its resources and, relying on scientific and technological means, has successfully helped many families reunite." Zhang Dongni, member of the Party Committee and Director of the Political Department of the Runzhou Public Security Bureau, expressed hope People looking for relatives quickly contact the local public security organ for free blood collection, and hope that all sectors of society will participate in the "reunion" action to help more separated families reunite as soon as possible.