On August 16, a Weibo netizen posted a photo saying that the snow on Siguniang Mountain, which is 5,000 to 6,000 meters above sea level in Sichuan, has melted completely, and "the glaciers are naked for ten thousand years."

On August 17, the Siguniang Mountain Administration responded that the area of ​​the glacier seen by the naked eye is quite different from the actual one. "You can't see the whole picture of the glacier, only the edge." Glaciers are in good condition.

  The photos posted by netizens show that the weather is sunny, the white clouds are low, and the rocks around the peaks are exposed, covered not by snow but by a thin layer of green plants.

According to the netizen, the photos are of several snowy peaks taken in the Sequoia Forest in Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area last week, and not only these mountains, but the rest of the peaks have no snow.

  In this regard, other netizens questioned that there was not much snow in the mountains of Shuangqiaogou, unless the blogger went to Changpinggou a few days ago and took pictures of Yaomei Peak as it was in the picture, in order to prove the four peaks. The snow on Mt. Girl has indeed melted away.

  According to public information, the Siguniang Mountain Scenic Spot consists of Siguniang Mountain, Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley, and Haizi Valley "three valleys and one mountain". bridge ditch.

The Sequoia Forest Scenic Spot taken by the aforementioned netizens is located about three kilometers away from Shuangqiaogou.

  According to the official website of Siguniang Mountain Scenic Spot, Shuangqiaogou is a scenic spot with relatively low altitude, the most in-depth development, the richest scenery and the most suitable for mass tourism among the three valleys of Siguniang Mountain.

The Yaomei Peak mentioned by the questioning netizens is located in Haizigou and is the main peak of Siguniang Mountain. It is 6250 meters above sea level and is the second highest peak in Sichuan.

  "All melting is definitely impossible." On August 17, a staff member of the Siguniang Mountain Administration said in an interview with The Paper (www.thepaper.cn), "The amount of glaciers in summer is definitely not comparable to that in winter. The temperature is indeed higher than in previous years, and the melting speed of the glaciers may be faster than before. The human eye can see that the glaciers will indeed be much less, but within the normal threshold, it will not have much impact on the glaciers as a whole. Many glaciers in the region are currently in good condition."

  The staff member also explained that the glaciers of Mount Siguniang are mainly distributed on the shady slopes above 4,600 meters above sea level. Ordinary tourists do not use special equipment such as drones in the redwood forest area, and they cannot see the whole glacier with the naked eye. Only the edge of the glaciers can be seen. In fact, there are large pieces of glaciers in places that many tourists can’t see, and in places with higher altitudes like Yaomei Peak, the glaciers that can be seen in summer will indeed be visible. more.

  (The Paper reporter Lv Xinwen)