China News Service, Xining, August 18 (Reporter Hu Guilong Zhang Tianfu) At 22:25 on August 17, a sudden heavy rainfall in Datong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province caused flash floods, caused mudslides, and caused rivers to be diverted. 2 townships and 6 villages 1517 6,245 households were affected.

After further search and rescue verification, as of 12:00 on the 18th, 16 people have died and 36 people have lost contact (4 people were reported dead and 27 people lost contact. 23 people lost contact).

  At 11:00 on the 18th, a reporter from arrived at Hejiazhuang Village, the resident of Qingshan Township Government in Datong County.

  At this time, the weather was fine.

The reporter saw that the traces of flash floods in the streets of Qingshan Township were about one meter high, but the flash floods had receded. The fire, emergency, electric power, communication and other departments have assembled, excavators are in a river for rescue, and health personnel are carrying out environmental disinfection.

The picture shows a shop in Qingshan Township.

Photo by Zhang Tianfu

  At the same time, the villagers were dredging spontaneously, but the local water and electricity were cut off, and the villagers were receiving water through the vehicle water supply point.

  "At 21:00 on the 17th, the rain was very heavy, and the rain seemed to fall down." He Zengzhong, an old man from Hejiazhuang Village, Qingshan Township, introduced that in Qingshan Township, a small river from west to east was flooded with rainwater, and the river flooded the road. Enter the villagers' homes and shops.


  He Zengzhong's house is next to the river, and his granddaughter Ye Ting said, "Last night, the water in the river was very loud, and the rumbling sound was loud. Around 23:00, the river flooded the road, and the door of our house was about to be washed open. ."

The picture shows the home of a villager in Qingshan.

Photo by Zhang Tianfu

  "We pushed the door, but the door was washed away by the water," Yeting said. "Our family of five stood outside the door, holding on to the door frame. younger brother."

  She said, "The water is very cold, and there are all kinds of stubborn things under your feet, but the water is so big that you can't cross the street to the north of the road, where the terrain is relatively high."

  The reporter saw that the kang of Ye Ting's grandmother's house was full of muddy water, and the shops next to it were crooked and covered with mud.


  Ye Ting's family did not transfer to the villagers' homes on the north side of the street until two or three o'clock in the morning, when the water on the street gradually decreased, and rested temporarily.

The picture shows Qingshan Township.

Photo by Zhang Tianfu

  "My loader, private car, and tricycle have all been washed away, and there is not a single piece of coal left." Wang Dingwei, a villager in Qingshan, runs a coal business, and the coal storage site is by the river. "Our family hid on the second floor and was always worried about the house. It collapsed, but the walls on both sides were still washed away."

  Qi Tianxiang, who came to Qingshan Township to look for relatives, said, "I can't contact the relatives in Shadai Village, Qingshan Township for the time being, but it is said that the people are safe, but the cattle, sheep, tractors, and houses are gone."

Pictured is the river.

Photo by Zhang Tianfu

  According to the situation on site and comprehensive research and judgment, the Qinghai Provincial Emergency Management Committee for Public Emergencies decided that at 7:10 on August 18, 2022, a provincial-level emergency response to the mountain torrent disaster in Datong County, Xining City will be launched.

  The Xining Disaster Reduction Committee issued a notice saying that from August 17 to 18, heavy rainfall occurred in the Xining City area. Due to continuous rainfall in Datong County, the mountain soil was saturated with moisture. Longwo Village, Hejiazhuang Village, Qingshan Village, Shadai Village and Shengdi Village suffered from mountain torrents.

The Xining Disaster Reduction Committee launched the municipal-level natural disaster relief Level II response at 9:30 on August 18.

  By 13:00, the weather in Qingshan Township was gloomy and it began to rain.