A former company accused of causing an accident by approaching a passenger car while distracted from operating a tablet device in an accident on the Kita-Kanto Expressway in Gunma Prefecture that killed two people. The Maebashi District Court sentenced the officer to a two-year prison sentence, stating that ``distracted driving cannot be overlooked and is a heavy responsibility''.

In December 2016, a passenger car collided with a guardrail on the Kita-Kanto Expressway in Gunma Prefecture, killing two women and injuring two others. ) was driving at a speed of about 100 km/h, he was preoccupied with operating a tablet device and approached a passenger car running from behind without noticing it, causing an accident. rice field.

At the trial so far, the defendant has admitted the charges, and the prosecution has requested a four-year prison term.

In the ruling on the 18th, Chief Judge Hiromi Shibata of the Maebashi District Court said, ``It was completely unnecessary to operate a tablet while watching a recorded program on a highway that requires particularly careful driving, and the degree of negligence is large. '' and so on.

After that, he said, ``Even though he had been arrested for traffic violations several times before, it is hard to overlook that he was driving carelessly. Sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

Bereaved family ``I was a little convinced that the prison sentence was given''

Shizuo (67), the husband of Masako Mita, who died in an accident after the trial, responded to the interview.

Regarding the ruling, Shizuo said, ``Even if you personally hold a grudge against the defendant, it doesn't mean that the deceased person will come back. I was a little convinced that it came out," he said.

In addition, he said to the defendant, "If he is truly reflecting, I would like him to accept the judgment without appealing."

After the accident, Shizuo submitted a report requesting an investigation of the cause to the police along with other bereaved families, and after that, the investigation proceeded and the defendant was arrested.

Regarding this, "My family believed that my wife was not a person who drives dangerously. I thought that my wife would not be happy if the cause remained vague. The police were working even if I did not submit a report. I couldn't sit still," he recalled.

And finally, ``I want to tell her wife, 'Thanks to her people, I was sentenced to two years in prison.