China News Service, Beijing, August 18 (China News Entertainment Ren Siyu) Recently, the Chinese Writers Association announced the list of members to be developed in 2022. Among the 994 members to be developed, the screenwriter of the TV series "Age of Awakening" and the author of the novel of the same name, Long Pingping, Well-known directors Jia Zhangke, Xu Haofeng, famous playwright Liu Heping, and online literature writers Zheng Yi (the pseudonym is concerned about chaos), Meng Xing (closer to business), Ren He (talking elbow), etc.

The 2022 membership development announcement of the Chinese Writers Association.

Source: screenshot of webpage.

  According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Jia Qianqian, the daughter of the famous Shaanxi writer Jia Pingwa, also appeared in the list.

Jia Qianqian, born in 1979, published a collection of self-selected poems "The Hundred Nights" in early 2018. The book collects more than 130 excellent poems created over the years; in March 2020, the collection of poems "Inland Lake in Coconuts" "publishing.

  At the beginning of last year, an article titled "Tang Xiaolin: Jia Qianqian became popular, highlighting the chaos in the poetry world" became popular, and also put the poet Jia Qianqian and his father Jia Pingwa on the hot search.

Author Tang Xiaolin criticized Jia Qianqian's poems as "writing in separate lines with the Enter key", "The most striking feature of this kind of 'shallow body' poetry is that it treats boredom as interesting and divides nonsense into lines - it seems like a madman all the way. The product of pressing enter."

  The article excerpts several poems written by Jia Qianqian in "The Inland Lake of Coconuts", such as "My Mother"——

  home from get off work at noon

  Auntie said your baby is amazing

  I asked what

  She said: take them out to play in the morning

  one will pee

  Urine on the door of someone's office

  I called out "my mother"

  another sighting

  And followed by peeing to the door of the office

  While urinating, he said:

  Both your girls pee

Jia Qianqian's poetry collection "The Inland Lake in the Coconut".

  This critical article soon ignited the public opinion field, and netizens began to discuss what is the beauty of poetry, whether it is appropriate to have "shit, pee, and fart" in poetry, and even started to launch a "shallow body" imitation competition on the Internet. The style coupled with the label of "Daughter of Jia Pingwa" further fermented the event.

According to statistics, the Weibo topic of "Poems published by Jia Pingwa's daughter raise doubts" has reached 600 million reads.

  However, in addition to the criticism of "shallow body", many writers, scholars and netizens also expressed opposing opinions. They believe that there can be many subjective evaluation criteria for poetry, but the evaluation criteria should be "on poetry". Don't presume a position based on your identity first. If you just extract fragments and words from the poem to criticize, it's more like "black for black's sake".

  Others pointed out that Jia Qianqian's poetry is not entirely in the style mentioned in the above article, such as this "Coconut" -

  Some sea water is tied in coconuts

  be a quiet inland lake

  It refuses to participate in the tie-dye of time

  like object prefixes in ancient

  You can only stand with your hands down

  look up to it

  After that, The Paper contacted Tang Xiaolin, the author of the article. He expressed his concern about online remarks, but it was inconvenient to express his personal opinions. He hoped that literature would be handed over to literature, and readers could judge for themselves.

Jia Qianqian and Jia Pingwafang did not respond.

  In the book "The Inland Lake in the Coconut", Jia Qianqian is introduced as "Associate Professor of the School of Literature of Northwest University, Doctor of Literature, a student of the 32nd Advanced Research Class of Lu Xun School of Literature, participated in the 35th Youth Poetry Conference, Shaanxi Youth Vice-President of the Literary Association."

Source: Screenshot of the official website of Northwestern University.

  The reporter found on the official website of Northwestern University that Jia Qianqian's main research direction is contemporary literature and poetry in Xi'an, China.

Since September 2018, he has been working in the School of Letters, Northwestern University.

  The official website also introduces Jia Qianqian's major scientific research achievements in recent years, including the selection of "Jia Pingwa's Prose Selection" and the poetry collection "The Hundred Nights", as well as the subject project "Research on the Relation between Jia Pingwa's Calligraphy and Painting and the Spirit of Literature and Art", and the paper "The Spirit of Life". Speech and Meaning - On Jia Pingwa's Calligraphy Creation", "Research on Jia Pingwa's Painting Art from the Perspective of Literature", etc.