[Explanation] The beginning of autumn has passed, but the temperature in Xi'an is still high.

The local meteorological department has issued high temperature red warnings many times, and the highest temperature in some areas will rise above 40 °C.

In a water park in Xi'an, there are many people playing in the water.

The cool water flow and exciting water sports allow people to finally enjoy the happiness of cooling down under the scorching sun.

  [Concurrent] Chen Yi, General Manager of Xi'an Happy Valley

  This year, Xi'an is particularly hot. It has entered a period of high temperature since June. The high temperature is a very good choice for our tourists to play in the water.

So this year, the average number of tourists in our Maya Beach is close to 10,000 (person-times) every day, and it will double on Saturday and Sunday.

  [Explanation] During the summer vacation, many parents brought their children to experience water sports and interact closely with water.

The children's laughter and splashes made the park full of life.

  [Concurrent] People in Xi'an

  (I) is local in Xi'an, mainly because the children are on summer vacation, and I bring them here to play in the water. It just happens that (the weather) is relatively hot, and it happens that there is more water, and there are more places for children to play, which is more interesting.

  [Concurrent] Children playing in the water

  (Me) is the second grade in the second half of the year. I am here to play. I am from Hunan. I am from Yueyang, Hunan.

(Is it hot here today?) Very hot.

(What are you doing in the water, is it fun?) Fun.

  [Explanation] The high temperature has heated up people's enthusiasm for playing with water, and also promoted the sales of related products.

Whether it is swimsuits, slippers, water guns, swimming rings, sunscreens, sleeves and other equipment required for water sports, they all have a good "gold-absorbing" performance this summer.

At the same time, the huge passenger flow brought by the water park has also driven the economic development of the surrounding area.

  [Concurrent] Chen Yi, General Manager of Xi'an Happy Valley

  Now we have more than 700 to 800 employees in the entire Maya Beach Water Park, so these our employees are all around us and even our Xi'an, these are our citizens.

In addition, in addition to the amusement equipment, we also have a lot of water play, play, including these entertainment items for cute pets.

In this process, we have introduced these partners, which also enables them to have a good development in such an epidemic situation, with the recovery of tourism.

  [Explanation] Chen Yi said that after playing in the water, many people often go to nearby farmhouses or tourist attractions such as Kunming Pool to play and consume.

The popularity brought by water parks plays a positive role in the development of the regional tourism market.

  Reporter Party Tianye Xi'an

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]