[Explanation] There is a "blood donor" in Chongqing named Zhou Deshu. In the past 16 years, he has donated whole blood and blood components up to 100 times, and the total amount of blood donation reached 25,000 ml, which is equivalent to the whole body blood of 6 adults.

Locally, people called him a "hot-blooded hero".

  Recently, Zhou Deshu learned that a patient was in urgent need of platelets, so he came to the blood bank of Chongqing Dazu Center. After completing the information registration and various examinations, he lay quietly on the blood donation chair and started platelet collection.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Deshu

  Donating blood 100 times is a great honor and comfort to me.

I hope (everyone) will join the blood donation team (Joong Lai) to save more lives.

  [Explanation] Zhou Deshu is tall and muscular. Many people think that he is a fitness coach. In fact, he is just an ordinary farmer with more than 20 years of fitness habits.

  One day in 2006, Zhou Deshu saw a voluntary blood donation car on the street. When he heard that the blood bank was ischemia, he volunteered to donate blood.

Since then, Zhou Deshu has insisted on donating whole blood twice a year, 800 ml, and donating component blood twice a month, about 100 ml each time.

For 16 years, he donated blood every year, and the total amount of blood donation reached 25,000 ml. He also won the National Free Blood Donation Gold Award twice for this reason.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Deshu

  Up until now, one is saving the patient's life, and I feel the happiest thing, so I have been persevering.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure that the blood is up to the standard, Zhou Deshu pays special attention to eating habits and rest.

He lives a regular life every day, doesn't stay up late, eat less fat, and doesn't drink alcohol.

In addition, he insists on exercising every day.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Deshu

  I have a very regular life. After I sent my grandson to study, I started exercising and doing some housework.

I exercised my body better and gave my best blood to save the sick.

  [Explanation] Zhou Deshu used practical actions to publicize the benefits of voluntary blood donation to those around him. Under his influence, more and more people joined the blood donation volunteer team.

  [Concurrent] Citizen Li Shouming

  It is worthy of publicity, and we should learn from him.

I still appeal to the general public to learn from that teacher (Zhou Deshu).

  [Explanation] Unpaid blood donation is a manifestation of a citizen's sense of social responsibility and love.

Through voluntary blood donation, people who need blood can be rescued, blood sources can be increased, and blood source tensions can be relieved.

In addition, donating blood in moderation can also contribute to human health.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Xuelian, Deputy Director of the Blood Bank of Dazu District, Chongqing

  Regular blood donation can stimulate our hematopoietic function, blood donation can reduce our blood viscosity and prevent some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Voluntary blood donation is an act of saving lives and helping others.

  [Explanation] Zhou Deshu said that as an unpaid blood donor, his idea is very simple, as long as his body allows, as long as he meets the conditions, he will not stop donating blood.

Zhou Deshu has a blood donation plan, that is, donate to the age of 60, and strive to donate blood to more than 30,000 ml.

  Xiao Jiangchuan Mao Shuang Zengrui Liu Shilin reported from Chongqing

Responsible editor: [Lu Yan]