On the 17th, the latest data released by the National Climate Center of the China Meteorological Administration showed that the current comprehensive intensity of high temperature and heat wave events in my country has reached the strongest level since complete meteorological records began in 1961.

  According to the analysis given by the China Meteorological Administration, this high temperature process is characterized by a long duration, a wide range, high intensity and strong extremes.

  This round of high temperature lasted for 64 days, the longest since 1961

  Since this summer (June 1 to August 15), the national average number of high temperature days has reached 12 days, which is about 5 days more than the same period in normal years.

  Among them, the number of high temperature days in North China, East China, Southwest China and other regions is generally more than 20 days, and the number of high temperature days in Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places is more than 30 days.

  As of August 15, the high temperature process has lasted for 64 days, exceeding the previous longest of 62 days in 2013 and the longest duration since 1961.

  The daily maximum temperature of 262 weather stations broke the historical extreme value

  At present, there are 1,680 stations with temperatures above 35°C monitored by the National Meteorological Observatory, and 1,426 stations with temperatures above 37°C.

Both are the second most in history, second only to 2017.

(For mapping: 1762 stations and 1443 stations respectively in 2017)

  In addition, the daily maximum temperature of 914 national meteorological stations across the country reached the extreme high temperature event standard, and the daily maximum temperature of 262 national meteorological stations in Hebei, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Qinghai and other places remained the same or broke history. The extreme value has exceeded the 187 stations in 2013 and the 133 stations in 2017.

  The coverage of this round of high temperature above 40℃ is the largest in history

  The data shows that the coverage of this round of high temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius is the largest in history, reaching 1.365 million square kilometers, far exceeding the 776,000 square kilometers in 2013 and the 993,000 square kilometers in 2017.

Many of these cities have set high temperature records, such as Hubei Zhushan 44.6℃, Chongqing Beibei 44.5℃, Fengjie 44.4℃, Wuxi 44.0℃, Hebei Lingshou 44.2℃, Gaocheng 44.1℃, Zhengding 44.0℃, Yunnan Yanjin 44.0℃, The daily maximum temperature in these cities has reached 44 ℃ and above.

  What is the cause of this round of high temperature? Experts from the China Meteorological Administration explained three reasons.

  Gao Ge, Chief of Meteorological Service of China Meteorological Administration: First, the influence of atmospheric circulation anomalies.

In the summer of this year, the atmospheric global system showed consistent control of the warm high-pressure circulation system, forming a large-scale overall global warm high-pressure zone. Affected by the high-pressure system, the hot air will stay on the ground, and if it cannot escape, the place will be very hot.

The second reason is that the La Niña climate event spanning three years has contributed to the abnormal atmospheric circulation.

The third reason is the effect of global warming on amplifying and regulating.

In fact, the instability of the global climate system has intensified in recent years, extreme weather and climate events have occurred frequently, widespread, strong, and concurrent climate anomalies have become more persistent and frequent, and more regions are experiencing more compound extreme events.

Continued high temperature weather has brought many adverse effects on human health and agricultural production.

  There will continue to be hot weather in the next ten days

  According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next 10 days, there will still be persistent high temperature weather in Sichuan Basin, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and other places, and the cumulative number of high temperature days will reach 7 to 10 days; Can exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

After comprehensive research and judgment, the duration of this regional high temperature and heat wave event in my country will continue to be prolonged, and the comprehensive intensity will be further enhanced.