Luo Xiaoxiao

  "Worker's Daily" (August 17, 2022 Edition 05)

  At present, the grasslands of Inner Mongolia are rich in pastures, cattle and sheep are strong, and it is the most suitable season for tourism of the year.

But obviously not all tourists can win the welcome of the grasslands.

  According to media reports, on August 13, several tourists visiting Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, parked their cars on the grasslands beside the Chenbalhu Banner Highway. Herdsmen stepped forward to persuade them to leave. Not only did the tourists not listen, they repeatedly used the words "This is yours." Home grassland" and other words insulted the herdsmen, and even tried to snatch the mobile phones from the herdsmen's hands to shoot the video.

  On August 15, the Public Security Bureau of Chen Balhu Banner notified the matter-Wang Moumou and others confessed to their illegal actions and publicly apologized to the public on the Internet.

According to the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China", three persons including Wang Moumou were imposed administrative fines, and off-road vehicle drivers Wang Moumou and Zhao Mou were criticized and educated.

  It is not the first time that tourists have made grasslands "very hurt".

In 2019, in order to find out-of-town tourists who drove off-road vehicles to crush the grasslands, the then magistrate of Duolun County, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia broadcasted a live broadcast on social media to collect clues; The grassland area is 2.93 mu...

  Some people may think that the most important thing in the grassland is grass, and there is no need to make a fuss when you step on it and press it.

As everyone knows, every grass in Inner Mongolia is precious.

Most of these pastures are contracted by individual herdsmen, and the destruction of the pasture may affect the forage supply of cattle and sheep, which in turn affects the economic income of the herdsmen in that year.

Whether to protect or trample the grasslands is not only related to the interests of each family, but also to the ecological environment of the local area and even the surrounding provinces.

  The former Duolun County magistrate, who became popular because of "deadly" crushing grasslands on social media, once said: "There is almost no Duolun person who has not participated in desert control." Affected by natural conditions and human activities, Duolun County has In the early years, the county basically had no grass, and the restoration of vegetation depended on artificial planting of trees and grass for more than 20 years.

Similar situations exist in many places in Inner Mongolia.

In order to prevent wind and sand, and to provide a better living environment for the next generation and the next generation, countless researchers, staff and ordinary herdsmen have devoted their efforts and sweat to restore the vitality of the land, improve the quality of grass seeds, and manage and maintain the grassland.

Perhaps the value of the grassland is not comparable to the Danxia landform and the calcified landscape that have been formed after tens of hundreds of years, but like the latter two, the grassland is easy to destroy and difficult to restore.

  In my country, destroying grasslands is not only a quality issue, but also a legal issue.

According to the provisions of the Grassland Law: Motor vehicles for non-emergency disaster relief and relocation of herdsmen leave the road to drive on the grasslands or engage in geological exploration, scientific investigation and other activities that do not drive on the grasslands according to the confirmed driving area and driving route, and damage the grassland vegetation. The competent grassland administrative department of the people's government at the county level shall order it to stop the illegal act, restore vegetation within a time limit, and may concurrently impose a corresponding fine; if losses are caused to the owner or user of the grassland, it shall be liable for compensation according to law.

According to this, in the two incidents of rolling grasslands in Duolun in 2019 and Hulun Buir in 2020, violators were punished by fines and restoration of vegetation.

  When traveling abroad, many people will do a good job of attractions and food strategies in advance, but often ignore the understanding of local customs and customs.

In different places, there are "rules" about what can be done and what cannot be done. Knowing in advance and paying attention to it at any time during travel is also a "required course".

  In recent years, civilized tourism has become the consensus of more and more people, but there are still many people who do not know the depths and let themselves go.

Since the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the Management of Tourism Uncivilized Behavior Records" in 2016, as of July last year, 38 people have been included in the "national-level" "blacklist" of uncivilized tourism behaviors.

At the same time, Beijing, Nanjing, Xi'an and other places have introduced measures for the management of tourists' uncivilized behavior, including damage to public environmental sanitation, damage to cultural relics and historical sites in tourist destinations, etc. The prescribed tourist attractions and services such as group departure are not allowed.

  Going off-road on the grasslands should not become wild, nor should relaxation become indulgence.

Beautiful scenery is for appreciation, not for destruction. I hope this simple truth can be known and put into action by more people.