A homework class was held in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, where Kagawa University students help children with their summer vacation homework.

This homework class has been held every year for the past seven years by students working to solve problems in Kanonji City as part of Kagawa University's Setouchi Regional Revitalization Project.

On the 17th, the second classroom was held at the Furusato Gakugeikan, with a total of 25 elementary and junior high school students who applied in advance, and 7 students from Kagawa University helped with their homework.

The children brought their summer vacation homework, such as math drills and essays, and worked on it individually or thought about it together with the students.

While going around the classroom, the students talked to children who seemed to be worried and politely gave them advice on how to solve the problem.

A 5th grade girl who participated said, "I was happy that university students taught me things I didn't learn at school, and it was very easy to understand."

Arisa Amano, a first-year student at Kagawa University, said, "When I went to give advice to children who looked troubled, they were happy, and when their problems were solved, they smiled even more. I was able to get involved with the children a lot, so I would like to continue."