China News Service, August 17. According to the WeChat public account of "Beijing Shunyi", at 4:00 am on August 17, the Beijing Shunyi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention received a report that a person with a positive nucleic acid test was found in the Shunyi District Hospital's fever clinic. The people who entered Beijing are currently located in Xiyuan, No. 7 Luneng Yard, Shuangfeng Street, Shunyi District.

The person has now been transferred to a designated hospital.

  Shunyi District immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and immediately carried out work such as flow tracing, investigation and control, and nucleic acid testing.

At present, the Shunyi District CDC and its territories have taken temporary closure and control measures on the Xiyuan of Luneng No. 7 Yard, where the person with a positive nucleic acid test lived, and organized nucleic acid tests for the people in the above-mentioned areas. All work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

The determined close contacts have implemented control measures.

Shunyi District Hospital has suspended fever clinics and is in the process of comprehensive elimination.

The risk points and places involving our district are undergoing terminal disinfection, and the risk information involving other districts has been circulated simultaneously.

  The preliminary itinerary of the person who tested positive for nucleic acid is as follows:

  On August 13, after traveling from Xining, Qinghai, take train Z378 to Xi'an Station at around 11:00, and then take a taxi to Xi'an North Station; at 14:52, take high-speed rail G308 from Xi'an North Station to Beijing; around 20:20, arrive From Beijing West Railway Station, take a ride back to Luneng No. 7 Courtyard Stream Garden.

After entering Beijing, report to the community by phone, and conduct health monitoring at home as required.

  From August 14th to 16th, I have been monitoring health at home, and I have not gone out except to collect nucleic acid at the nucleic acid testing point in Xiyuan, Luneng No. 7 (the nucleic acid test results on the 14th, 15th, and 16th were all negative).

  At 22:36 on August 16th, due to fever, he took a private car to the fever clinic of Shunyi District Hospital for treatment. In the early morning of August 17th, the nucleic acid test result was positive, and control measures were implemented.

  Anyone who overlaps with the above itinerary in time and space or receives a pop-up reminder of the health treasure, please take the initiative to report to the community (village) and unit immediately.

Territories do their best to ensure service.

  The results of epidemic prevention are hard-won. We must overcome paralysis, fluke, and slack, and always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control.

Citizens and friends are requested to insist on not going to medium and high-risk areas, report to the community as soon as possible after returning to Beijing, and cooperate with relevant epidemic prevention measures.

  The follow-up situation will be notified in a timely manner.