In 2016, a complaint was filed for an assault that occurred between two spouses in a private jet.

The names of the complainant and the accused had not been disclosed at the time while an FBI investigation had been carried out.

However, the secret was not kept for long since the lawyer Amanda Kramer filed a complaint against the federal office, demanding the report of the agent in charge of the file who had not pursued his investigation further.

It's official today: it was Angelina Jolie who accused Brad Pitt of violence.

According to documents released by Puck, the former

Tomb Raider

star told the FBI agent that he had been "verbally and physically assaulted" by Brad Pitt.

According to Angelina Jolie, her ex-husband was then under the influence of alcohol and also attacked their children.

A divorce that lasts

Notes taken by the officer indicate that the Bullet Train


is accused of taking his ex-wife to the back of the private jet where he allegedly grabbed her by the shoulders before yelling at her that she " destroyed this family.

The actress assures that a second altercation during the same flight left her with a shoulder injury and that Brad Pitt poured beer on her.

The actor denied the comments of his ex-wife and an investigation was also carried out by the services of the child protection of Los Angeles.

The FBI agent closed the file and no prosecution was initiated against Brad Pitt.

Since then, Angelina Jolie has been asking for the conclusions of the federal office in order to “obtain for her children the necessary care and the medical attention” they need, following this incident which caused the end of her marriage.

The divorce of the two actors is therefore still not settled.


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