"Following the autumn, it is cool and leisurely; the autumn is wrapped, and it is too hot to cry." From the folk sayings, we can know that the morning and evening of the beginning of autumn are quite particular, and even affect the temperature and heat changes of the weather.

But unfortunately, this year's Liqiu solar term is just before the beginning of the last fu in the dog days, which is what the old people call "autumn fu fu".

Therefore, looking at the annoying high temperature and the hot sun, the power of "dog days" cannot be underestimated.

  On August 15th, the last day of the dog days came, which was the last day of the year.

According to the traditional calculation method, Mofu is a period of time from the first Geng day after the beginning of autumn to the day before the second Geng day (a total of ten days).

At the same time, this means that in less than ten days, people will usher in the "Fufu", which is the end of the dog days.

Dog Recipes: "Three Meat" and "Three Melons"

  "It's dog days, and the weather is hot like soup." From the poems written by the ancients, we can see the "power" of dog days for the general public.

From ancient times to the present, when it comes to the hot and humid dog days, even the ancients who paid attention to "calm and natural coolness" have complained.

Under the hot weather, the ancients who paid attention to "food tonic" naturally also had recipes corresponding to the hot weather.

  "Toufu dumplings, two fu noodles, three fu pancakes spread eggs", the summer heat is hard to bear, people tend to feel weak and tired, and they will lose their appetite and not want to eat.

Because of this, at the beginning of the long bitter summer, it is natural to eat something good to survive the scorching heat.

And eating cakes and eggs at Mofu is also because it is the last Fufu, the weather is slightly cooler, people's appetite has improved, and eating eggs can also supplement nutrition.

  In some places, there are folk proverbs like "Toufu eats chicken and two ducks" and "Toufu wontons and two Fu tea". It can be seen that in different regions, people eat differently in dog days.

In addition, there is also a folk saying that "eat three meats in a squat, and you will not lose weight in a bitter summer". The "three meats" in it are different, but generally refer to mutton, chicken, and duck.

Because the ancients paid attention to "heating with heat", eating some warm ingredients can make up for the weak body after sweating a lot, and it can also provide nutrition for the body in the bitter summer.

  In addition to eating "three meats", it is also popular to eat "three melons" in dog days, namely: wax gourd, loofah, bitter gourd, and cucumbers are also included in some places.

Most of these ingredients relieve heat and relieve heat, clear fire and invigorate the spleen, which can increase appetite.

Coming soon: cool autumn is just around the corner

  On August 25th, the day of "coming out" will be ushered in. In the knowledge of the ancients, this marks that the highest, humid and sultry period of the year has passed, and the cool and pleasant autumn is just around the corner. in front of you.

It is worth mentioning that after the dog days, it does not mean that the weather is completely cold, because after the dog days, there will be "autumn tigers".

  "Autumn Tiger" is a common name for short-term hot weather that reappears after dog days, but "Autumn Tiger" does not necessarily appear every year.

In addition, "autumn tigers" generally appear after the beginning of autumn in the twenty-four solar terms, which is a short-term reheating weather.

The Qing Jialu written by Gu Lu of the Qing Dynasty wrote: "After the end of the summer, the weather is still warm, and it will start to cool on about eighteen days of the calendar."

  When the "Autumn Tiger" came, although it was autumn, the weather was sultry, coupled with the large temperature difference between day and night, the weather was dry, and the "autumn dryness" that people often said appeared.

At this time, it is necessary to not only clear away heat and clear heat, but also nourish yin and moisten dryness, so you need to pay special attention to diet, and you can eat more food that clears heat and moistens dryness.

  Cover reporter Li Yuxin