The pictorial and interview of 'figure skating queen' Kim Yuna, who is about to get married in October, have been released.

On the 16th, fashion magazine Elle released a pictorial and interview of Kim Yuna, who decorated the cover of the September issue, and her group EXO member Sehun.

Both are serving as Dior ambassadors.

Yuna Kim showed off her alluring beauty in this pictorial.

What catches her attention in particular is his interview.

As Yuna Kim, who is at an inflection point in her life, is getting married in October, she is interested in each of his remarks.

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In a pictorial interview, Kim Yu-na was asked if her life seemed to be divided, and she said, "I have been playing since I was seven years old in Korean age. The period until my retirement as a player definitely feels like a chapter." In many ways, it feels like a new life is starting again.”

She also said that when she asked her questions about personal relationships, she said, "It seems that I naturally have long-term relationships with people I used to be close to, people who didn't treat me special." revealed

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After three years of dating, Kim Yu-na and Go Woo-rim, a member of the crossover group Forestella, who are 5 years younger than her, will get married on October 22 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

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Reporter Kang Seon-ae   

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