In response to the fact that newly infected people of the new coronavirus that Chiba Prefecture accepted registrations on the Internet were counted as infected people in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will announce these infected people as infected people outside of Tokyo in the future. became.

In Chiba Prefecture, in order to reduce the burden on medical institutions, from last month, those who have been confirmed to be positive by self-testing using an antigen test kit etc. will be treated as new infected people if they register the necessary information on a dedicated site. Although it has started, it has become clear that the destination of the infected person was Tokyo, not Chiba Prefecture.

Because a medical institution in Tokyo was entrusted to confirm the registration information, the notification of the infected person was submitted to the nearest public health center in Tokyo based on the law, so according to Chiba Prefecture, it is recorded in Tokyo. The total number of infected people who are believed to have been infected is about 25,000 in the 24 days until the 14th of this month.

Under these circumstances, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to announce in detail the total number of infected people per day as well as these infected people outside of Tokyo, saying that it is necessary to accurately grasp the actual situation.