(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The rising trend of the epidemic in Sanya has been curbed

  China News Agency, Beijing, August 14th. Comprehensive news: China's National Health and Health Commission announced on the 14th that there were 684 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 13th, including 61 imported cases and 623 local cases.

There were 1,920 new asymptomatic infections, including 76 imported cases and 1,844 local cases.

No new deaths were reported.

  As of 24:00 on the 13th, there are 5,232 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 234,901 confirmed cases.

There are currently 652 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 21,502 confirmed cases and no deaths.

The number of local infections continues to increase in mainland China, and the rise of the epidemic in Sanya is contained

  On the 13th, there were 2,467 new local infections (confirmed + asymptomatic) in mainland China, which exceeded 2,000 for two consecutive days, and continued to increase from the previous day (2,005 cases), affecting 17 provinces.

  On the same day, 623 new local confirmed cases came from 14 provinces: 494 cases in Hainan, 59 cases in Tibet, 24 cases in Zhejiang, 14 cases in Guangdong, 10 cases in Jiangxi, and the other 9 provinces added single digits each; 1,844 cases of symptomatic infection were distributed in 16 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Among them, there are 846 cases in Hainan, 443 cases in Tibet, 396 cases in Xinjiang, 54 cases in the Corps, 42 cases in Zhejiang, 39 cases in Jiangxi, and 5 or less new cases in each of the other 11 provinces.

  Hainan Province reported 1,340 new local infections on the 13th (494 confirmed cases and 846 asymptomatic cases), of which 1,088 were in Sanya, exceeding 1,000 for 4 consecutive days.

From August 1 to 13, Hainan Province has reported a total of 7,736 local infections (3,809 confirmed cases and 3,927 asymptomatic cases), including 6,544 cases in Sanya City.

  Hainan Province reported on the 14th that at present, the rising trend of the epidemic in Sanya has been effectively contained, but it is still in a period of high platform fluctuation; 6 cities and counties including Danzhou and Lingshui are in the period of epidemic development, and community transmission has occurred; Haikou, Wuzhishan, Qionghai, etc. Six cities and counties are in the sporadic period of the epidemic, and there are still sporadic cases.

  According to reports, Hainan Province continues to promote the return of qualified stranded passengers in batches and categories.

As of 6:00 on the 14th, Sanya Phoenix Airport and Haikou Meilan Airport have guaranteed a total of 14,247 stranded passengers to return.

The official response to the significant increase in the number of infected people in Tibet has implemented a "circuit breaker" mechanism for inter-provincial tourism in many places in Xinjiang

  On the 13th, the Tibet Autonomous Region added 59 local confirmed cases and 443 asymptomatic infections, and the number of infections surged compared with previous days.

As of 12:00 on the 14th, the Tibet Autonomous Region has reported a total of 99 local confirmed cases and 848 asymptomatic infections.

  In response to the sharp increase in the number of local infections, the Health and Health Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region responded on the 14th that due to Tibet's vast area and sparse population, low pressure and low oxygen, the review time took too long.

In order not to delay the isolation and treatment of those who were initially screened positive, on the 13th, those who were initially screened positive were temporarily managed as asymptomatic infections or confirmed cases.

In addition, in the past two days, the autonomous region has coordinated the efforts of all parties to optimize the overall process of nucleic acid detection, and the nucleic acid detection capacity has been greatly improved.

At the same time, the Omicron BA.2.76 variant has the characteristics of short incubation period, strong transmission power and fast transmission speed, which is also an important factor causing the substantial increase in the number of infected people in Tibet.

  On the 13th, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region added 2 new local confirmed cases and 396 asymptomatic infections. There are 5 confirmed cases and 2,034 asymptomatic infections in this round of epidemic.

  The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held a press conference on the evening of the 13th to introduce that since July 30, the current round of the epidemic in Xinjiang has affected 13 prefectures, cities, and 31 counties and cities. The initial stage of the epidemic mainly involved crowd gathering places such as freight yards. Mainly family gatherings.

At present, four transmission chains have been discovered in this round of epidemic in Xinjiang. The epidemic situation in many places is still in the developing stage, the risk of social transmission has not been blocked, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complicated.

  According to reports, in order to cut off the chain of transmission of the epidemic, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has implemented inter-provincial tourism "circuit breakers" in 20 counties and municipalities in 8 prefectures and cities including Yining City in Ili Prefecture and Tianshan District in Urumqi City, which have medium and high risk areas. mechanism to suspend its inter-provincial team travel and "air ticket + hotel" business.

Shanghai adds new Tibet-related infected persons to strengthen health management of returnees from domestic epidemic-related areas

  The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission notified on the 14th that 5 new cases of local asymptomatic infection were added in the city on the 13th, all of which were close contacts of the infected person reported on the 11th; on the 14th, the city added 1 case of local asymptomatic infection. He is a 6-year-old boy who returned to Shanghai from Lhasa. His residence in Minhang District has been adjusted to a high-risk area.

  Shanghai announced on the 14th that it will further strengthen the health management measures for returnees from domestic epidemic-related areas, and control returnees with a history of living in epidemic risk areas within 7 days according to high, medium and low risk levels; for county-level and above The government announced that the returnees in the temporary static management area will be quarantined for 7 days after arriving in Shanghai.

Returnees from domestic epidemic-related areas should report to the local neighborhood (village) committee and unit (or hotel) within 12 hours after arriving in Shanghai.

  On the 13th, Guangdong Province added 14 local confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infection. Except for one confirmed case reported in Maoming City, the rest were in Zhanjiang City.

  Zhanjiang City reported on the 14th that 14 new cases of infection were added to the city on the 13th, all of which were related to the "0804" epidemic in Leizhou, and were detected in key populations.

It is reported that the outbreak in Zhanjiang began on August 4, and the first case was a truck driver who returned from Haikou City in Leizhou.

There have been more than 100 family clusters in Jinhua, Zhejiang, and some areas in Yingtan, Jiangxi have implemented silent management

  Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province reported on the 14th that from 21:00 on the 13th to 9:00 on the 14th, Jinhua City added 13 new cases of local positive infections, all in Yiwu City.

As of 9:00 on the 14th, Jinhua City has reported a total of 663 local infections in this epidemic, of which more than 94% were in Yiwu City.

  According to reports, the virus strain of this outbreak in Jinhua City is the evolutionary branch of Omicron BA.5.2, and the epidemic shows obvious family clustering. At present, more than 100 family clustering epidemics have been found, involving more than 300 cases.

In the past two days, there are still new infections in the society in Yiwu City, indicating that there is still a risk of community transmission of the epidemic.

  On the 13th, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province added 2 local confirmed cases and 6 asymptomatic infections, all of which were related to the epidemic in other places.

According to official news, after four passengers on two domestic flights (both Lhasa-Kunming-Wenzhou) were detected positive for nucleic acid at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport on the evening of the 12th, Yueqing City, Cangnan County, and Longgang City in Wenzhou gathered locally on the 13th. Four more positive cases were found among the quarantined passengers on the same flight.

  On the 13th, Jiangxi Province added 10 local confirmed cases and 39 asymptomatic infections, mainly from Yingtan City (9+31).

  According to previous official news, on August 9, Guixi County, Yingtan, found 2 confirmed cases and 4 asymptomatic infections in the routine nucleic acid testing of returnees from other places.

Up to now, Yingtan City has reported more than 70 local infections.

In order to reduce the flow of people and cut off the chain of transmission, starting from 5:30 on the 14th, Yingtan City Center and Guixi City have implemented a three-day temporary global silence management.