Life is more and more expensive for French students.

According to a survey by the student union Unef published on Monday, the cost of living is rising sharply for them due in particular to the rise in inflation.

Increase in rents, more expensive university catering and insufficient revaluation of scholarships, for the year 2022-2023, the cost of student living increases by 6.47%, while inflation amounts to 6.1%, indicates the Unef.

This increase represents a necessary additional budget of 428.22 euros for the year, or 35.7 euros more per month.

Students in “extreme precariousness”

The cost of “virtually all expenditure items” is increasing, with the exception of transport, because prices are stabilized by local public policies, explains the union.

At the same time, “the public policies of Macron governments towards students are well below expectations”, denounces the Unef, close to the left.

In particular, the government plans to increase student grants by 4% at the start of the school year.

But this increase remains insufficient, according to the union, because it is lower than inflation.

For the student organization, this survey reveals the “extreme precariousness” of students and highlights the need to set up “social protection” for these young people in training and integration.

The union proposes to create an autonomy allowance "of an amount sufficient to live, intended for all students" and calculated on their own income rather than that of their parents.


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