As the spread of the new coronavirus continues, there are a number of patients who are forced to recuperate at home even during the Obon period, even though their symptoms have worsened to the point where they need to be given oxygen.

A group of doctors called "Fast Doctors" who make home visits to emergency patients at night and on holidays are commissioned by local governments to provide medical care to home care patients for the new coronavirus.

According to Dr. Ryo Kikuchi, the representative, as more medical institutions are closed during the Obon period, the system of medical staff is being strengthened to respond, but there are many patients who cannot be hospitalized immediately even if they have pneumonia. That's it.

Among them, a man in his 80s in Tokyo was found to be positive on the 12th of this month and was recuperating at home, but on the 13th, the oxygen level in his blood dropped to the late 80% range, so he called an ambulance. However, the transport destination was not decided and I could not be hospitalized.

When the doctor who requested the home visit visited, the man was in a state where he could hardly move or speak, but when he brought in an oxygen concentrator and administered oxygen, his condition improved a little.

The doctor also called the public health center many times to arrange hospitalization, but was unsuccessful.

Dr. Ryo Kikuchi, the representative of "Fast Doctor", said, "In some areas, the number of infected people is decreasing, so there may be a sense of relief, but there is no real feeling that the peak has been reached. The situation continues that high-risk patients cannot be hospitalized. I would like you to take basic infection control measures again, and I would like people who have the opportunity to come into contact with the elderly or people with underlying diseases to be careful."