A press conference on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Qinghai Province was held in Xining on the evening of August 14, and the heads of relevant departments responded to social concerns.

  At the meeting, Li Hongxu, deputy secretary-general of the Qinghai provincial government and head of the comprehensive coordination group of the provincial epidemic prevention and control work headquarters, introduced that as of 17:00 on August 14, 8 counties (cities, administrative committees) in 5 cities and prefectures in the province reported 17 cases of positive infection (3 cases in Dachaidan Executive Committee of Haixi Prefecture, 3 cases in Dulan County, 2 cases in Delingha City, 1 case in Golmud City, 4 cases in Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, 1 case in Haidong Citizen and County, Huangnan Prefecture colleagues 2 cases in the city and 1 case in Yushu Prefecture).

  As of 12:00 on August 14, a total of 260 people in Qinghai Province (including 139 people in Haixi Prefecture, 12 people in Hainan Prefecture, 13 people in Huangnan Prefecture, 42 people in Haidong City, 50 people in Xining City, and 4 people in Haibei Prefecture) have been investigated. There were 454 people in close contact (204 in Haixi Prefecture, 38 in Hainan Prefecture, 12 in Huangnan Prefecture, 115 in Haidong City, 69 in Xining City, and 16 in Haibei Prefecture), and all relevant personnel were quarantined and controlled.

(Reporter Chen Qifeng)

Responsible editor: [Sun Jingbo]