A miniature bio-biological dome in “City Walk”

"The Green Planet" .. a trip in the tropical rainforests in the middle of Dubai

  • The Green Planet project provides a unique opportunity to see many exotic and tropical animals.



In a miniature bio-biological dome inside an origami-style glass building, the huge kapok tree stands four stories high to form a closed ecosystem that evokes the world of tropical rainforests with more than 3000 species of plants and animals living under the largest artificial tree in the world.

On an exploratory tour of the "The Green Planet" project located in "City Walk Dubai", the experiment began from the fourth floor, down through the vital area in a winding path that provides a unique opportunity to see many exotic and tropical animals.

eco dome

During the tour, the environmental dome, which consists of four floors, was viewed: the dome, the middle floor, the forest floor and the rainforest floor. Each floor embodies the role and importance of each part of the forest, as the canopy forms the roof of the tropical forest, absorbing the majority of sunlight and spreading rain.

And there are many types of birds and the famous bat cave, which includes bats «Siba» in their natural comfortable environment.

On the middle floor, where trees usually have large leaves to absorb any sunlight, it is filtered through the canopy to give the forest floor moisture, calm and shade, as sunlight barely reaches the land where many monkeys and reptiles inhabit.


The floor of the rainforest on the second floor is damp, quiet and dark, with barely sunlight reaching the ground, unlike the other, brighter and more vibrant layers where the red-footed turtle lives.

There is a lot of ecological life on the first floor, where the submerged rainforest is complete with a giant aquarium filled with types of fish, such as “arapaima” and “arwana”, and about 1,000 “piranhas” and stingrays.

nocturnal creatures

On the ground floor, the Australian Night Creatures Trail takes visitors on a unique journey through a multi-species environment, and operators control the day and night cycles.

These species consist of a family of slow lorises and "Les Monitor", a pair of Burmese pythons that extend between four and five meters in length, in addition to the tokai gecko, sea frogs, wallabies and kookaburra, as well as nine large snakes with more than 72 births.

This one-of-a-kind facility aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of nature, and inspire guests to take an interest in the value of the world's oldest living ecosystems.

reputable sources

“There are more than 3,000 species of animals and plants, including hundreds of birds, reptiles, fish, mammals and invertebrates,” said Sarah Stevens, operations manager and curator at The Green Planet.

We have exact numbers for a number of the most prominent animals, including two ring-tailed lemurs (Kendrick Lemar and Roxy), three sloths (father Liam, mother Lemon and baby Lyme), and a pair of blue and golden macaws (Kurt and Goldie)," pointing out that the numbers It is constantly changing due to the multiplication of animals and birds.

Regarding their original habitat, she indicated that all the animals came from responsible sources and reputable animal care facilities around the world, and all official approvals and required permits were obtained through the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

She emphasized that the facility provides a suitable environment that mimics the original habitat of the animals, as it is located in a very unique building specially designed to house rainforest plants and animals in an environment similar to their original environment. Ideal environmental conditions for plants and animals.

Sustainability Initiatives

She emphasized that The Green Planet implements several sustainability initiatives, including recycling water from tropical rainstorms for use in irrigation lines.

future plans

The interaction between animals, the interaction of animals with guests, and guest experiences continues to grow and change every year, said Sarah Stevens, director of operations and curator at The Green Planet, adding that there are plenty of future plans, in addition to new animals that will arrive before the end of 2022.

She explained that the memorandum of understanding recently signed with Dubai Safari Park paves the way for further cooperation in developing animal breeding works, improving their conditions, facilitating their movement between the two places, and ensuring the opening of communication channels between two of the most prominent animal facilities in the UAE.

She pointed out that The Green Planet is working to strengthen its international relations, in addition to continuing close cooperation with other institutions concerned with animal care in the UAE, including Dubai Municipality and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

• The height, the automatic humidity control system, and even the UV penetrating glass have been designed, after extensive study, to provide optimal environmental conditions.

• 1000 piranhas and stingrays.

• 3000 species of animals and plants.

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