Zhang Tiankan

  According to Xinhua News Agency, on the afternoon of August 13, it rained in the back mountain of Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, causing a flash flood in the Longcaogou area and trapping the masses.

As of 13:00 on the 14th, the "8.13" flash flood disaster in Longcaogou caused a total of 7 deaths and 8 minor injuries.

  Longcao Valley is a geological disaster site, so it has not been developed into a formal scenic spot. People want to play in this place is actually a kind of wild tour.

Relevant local departments have set up various warning signs and banners in the area involved to discourage tourists, and there have been barbed wire around Longcao Valley to prevent tourists from entering and playing, but these have not prevented people from going down the river.

  The video streamed from the scene showed that some staff were holding loudspeakers and loudspeakers to persuade tourists in the river to go ashore.

However, in less than an hour, a flash flood broke out in Longcaogou, Xiaoyudong Community, and tourists who were not evacuated from the river were caught in the flash flood.

  Although there are laws and regulations for responding to emergencies and disasters in the whole country and in all provinces and cities, in real life, people lack rational understanding of the urgency, development trend and degree of harm caused by natural disasters, and they are lucky.

Not only did some people ignore the warning before the disaster, but they were unwilling to evacuate and transfer even when the disaster was imminent, which also seriously threatened the lives of themselves and emergency rescue personnel.

In view of this, some provinces and cities have separate legislation to empower emergency rescue personnel to force the transfer of power.

  In December 2016, Zhejiang took the lead in enacting legislation to force the transfer of people during emergency hedging.

The Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress passed the "Decision on the Mandatory Transfer of Personnel in the Emergency Avoidance of Natural Disasters", which stipulates that those who are vulnerable to natural disasters should obey the unified command and arrangement of the local people's government and relevant departments, and cooperate with the emergency transfer to avoid danger. .

For those who still refuse to be transferred after persuasion, the local people's government and relevant departments may take measures according to law to forcibly take them out of the dangerous area.

Before the transfer order is lifted, the transferred persons are not allowed to return to the dangerous area without authorization. For those who have returned to the dangerous area without authorization, if they still refuse to leave after being persuaded, the local people's government and relevant departments may take measures according to law to forcibly take them out of the dangerous area.

  Online platforms or self-media are also responsible for people going wild in dangerous areas.

Longcaogou used to be an online celebrity check-in place on an online platform.

This platform has published many grass-growing strategies for Longcaogou camping/BBQ, as well as bloggers introducing how to cross mountains and rivers to avoid local bans on entering camping.

For these strategies that encourage people to go to Longcaogou for summer camping without mentioning how to ensure safety, the relevant platforms have not fulfilled the functions of auditing, prompting and warning, so many people think that Longcaogou is a place that is both wild and fun in summer. And safe places, flock to Longcaogou one after another.

  Even if some people are adventurous and want to go to Longcaogou regardless of the dissuasion, they still need the knowledge and ability to save themselves and others, especially when the ALICE camping and camping cause various disasters, there are already many experiences and guides in this regard, but more of tourists apparently did not pay attention to these guidelines, which eventually led to disaster.

  After the Longcaogou disaster, some firefighters demonstrated how to save themselves in the flood. In the case of several people, they should not be arranged horizontally, but should be arranged vertically along the direction of the river or water flow, just like a tug of war, increasing the vertical response to the water flow. Forced to avoid being swept away by water immediately, waiting for rescue.

But in fact, there are fewer and fewer people who know this kind of disaster relief knowledge and have been trained accordingly.

  This time, according to the basic common sense of the flash flood, run to the shore immediately when the flood comes, don't stand on the big rocks, and don't pick up your own things. Escape is the first principle.

The situation at the scene showed that some tourists either stood on the boulders and did not move, or searched for their belongings, which delayed their escape.

  Remember the painful lessons, draw valuable experience, and hope that such tragedies will never happen again in the future.