In 2022, the global esports audience will increase to 532 million.

Among them, core e-sports enthusiasts will account for 261 million.

In China, e-sports has become a popular trend for "small town youth" to entertain and socialize, and the proportion of enthusiasts in fourth-tier cities has increased significantly.

  Since 2020, the epidemic situation has suppressed the growth of some e-sports business markets, but it has stimulated the development of the home economy and attracted new e-sports audiences.

Globally, the explosion of new esports IP has also contributed to the growth of esports audiences, most of which will be driven by emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

  Through the popularization of Internet infrastructure and electronic equipment such as 5G, the threshold for obtaining e-sports content has been further lowered. E-sports is being recognized by more and more people, and the potential audience continues to increase.

According to the "2022 Asian E-sports Industry Development Report" jointly released by Penguin Youtiao, Tencent E-sports, and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, in 2022, the number of Asian e-sports viewers will increase to 301 million.

Compared with 279 million in 2021, the annual growth rate is 8.0%, and the growth momentum is good.

  At the same time, the revenue scale of global e-sports events is also increasing year by year, and is expected to reach 1.384 billion yuan in 2022.

It is worth noting that the Chinese market contributes about one-third of the global e-sports market revenue and is the largest e-sports market in the world.

In 2022, the sales of e-sports event tickets and peripheral goods will further increase, and virtual goods and live broadcasts will also usher in considerable growth.

The effect brought by the new technology of NFT may stimulate fans' interest in e-sports IP virtual goods.

  After entering the Jakarta Asian Games exhibition game in 2018, e-sports will make its official debut at the Hangzhou Asian Games in the future.

The report shows that with the occurrence of a series of events such as "e-sports entering Asia", 70.3% of domestic netizens believe that e-sports should participate in the Olympic Games or other major sports events, and 66.8% of netizens believe that e-sports is the same as football and basketball. , is a sport.

  From the point of view of online public opinion, the public has a positive attitude towards the entry of e-sports into Asia. It is expected that the Hangzhou Asian Games will help China's e-sports industry to improve in terms of influence enhancement, industrial development, professionalization of e-sports talents, and comprehensive social cognition. develop.

  Among the top 10 e-sports cities in terms of online attention, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing rank in the top five, and these cities also rank in the forefront in the number of titled teams in various e-sports projects.

  In terms of user portraits, the group of domestic e-sports enthusiasts will sink significantly in 2022, and the proportion of users in fourth-tier cities will skyrocket from 23% in 2019 to 36% in 2022, indicating that e-sports has become a "small town youth" entertainment. social trends.

  On the whole, with the maturing of the e-sports industry, domestic teams have repeatedly achieved good results, and the successful entry into Asia, e-sports, as a cultural symbol and a form of entertainment, is gradually becoming popular in China, and its recognition is also increasing. promote.

  Text / Our reporter Chen Si