China News Agency, Berlin, August 14th (Reporter Ma Xiuxiu) "As a Chinese pianist, I hope our culture and art can have more exchanges with Germany." This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, the famous pianist Lang Lang on the evening of the 13th In an interview with a reporter from China News Agency, he expressed the hope that musicians from China and Germany can perform in each other's countries more, so as to help the cultural bridge between the two countries become better and better, and to promote the long-term friendship between the two countries.

  That night, Lang Lang performed in the Forest Concert in Berlin, and his repertoire attracted bursts of applause from the audience.

Between the concert, he briefly accepted an interview with reporters.

  In the interview, Lang Lang mentioned his origins with Germany.

"Both China and Germany have a very deep cultural heritage. My first competition abroad was in Germany, and I often perform in Germany."

  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, Lang Lang is currently planning a concert, which will perform Chinese and Western repertoire.

"In fact, every time I go to a concert in Germany, I will play a Chinese work as an encore or extra piece, hoping to promote Chinese culture and art."

  In Lang Lang's view, Germans are very interested in Chinese culture.

For example, he said that in 2006, all the tracks in the album "Children of the Yellow River" recorded by him were Chinese works.

Germany is the best-selling country in the world except China.

"Germans still admire and respect Chinese art, and they also like the Chinese National Orchestra to tour."

  "After 2005, I can feel that the Germans' interest in Chinese culture has increased every year." Lang Lang said that as a Chinese pianist, he hopes to let German friends know more about Chinese music, Chinese culture, and more through his own efforts. Knowing about China can also realize the value of life as a Chinese.