(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Nearly 10,000 volunteers in Tibet participated in epidemic prevention and control

  China News Service, Lhasa, August 14 (Reporter Jiang Feibo) The Tibet Autonomous Region official held the fifth press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the 13th. The reporter from China News Service learned from the meeting that as of 12:00 on August 13, Tibet had accumulated There are 32 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 237 asymptomatic infections.

At the same time, since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, 9,966 young volunteers in Tibet have participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  According to Li Jingzhong, director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are currently 88 high-risk areas and 108 medium-risk areas in Tibet.

8,064 people were quarantined and observed in centralized isolation points.

  Li Jingzhong also said that if you receive a transfer call, you must remain rational and calm, take the initiative to cooperate, and take the initiative to supplement information.

If I am notified as a close contact or a positive case, I should keep calm and wait in place as required. During the period, I should follow the guidelines, immediately self-isolate, avoid contact with others, and immediately report to the community (village) to which I belong. Wear a mask, close the door, and prepare your belongings for isolation or hospitalization.

  He Hua, deputy secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Youth League, introduced that as of 18:00 on August 12, a total of 23,859 young volunteers for epidemic prevention had been recruited in the region, of which 9,966 had participated in volunteer services for epidemic prevention.

Specifically, it undertakes tasks such as order maintenance of nucleic acid testing, material handling, temperature measurement and disinfecting, information collection, policy publicity, and checkpoint duty, which fully demonstrates the volunteer spirit of Tibetan youths of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress".

  Young people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life in Tibet are enthusiastic about participating in epidemic prevention and control.

For example, He Hua said that Tenzin Lobu, a member of the Youth Federation of the Tibet Autonomous Region, set up a Sunshine Epidemic Prevention Volunteer Service Team, recruited 518 volunteers, 16 vehicles, and invested 350,000 yuan (RMB) to provide 9 communities and 2 nucleic acid testing points in Lhasa. Provide volunteer services.

"These are the best interpretations of the responsibility of Tibetan youth."

  Sui Xingguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Chengguan District Committee of Lhasa City and executive deputy head of the district, said that Chengguan District fully implements closed management of pension and child welfare institutions, and dispatched staff to further strengthen the management of the five-guarantee centralized support service center. Centralized resettlement sites carried out services and continuously delivered meals to 22 elderly people in need.

  He said that the Chengguan District of Lhasa City uses the community as a unit to grasp the needs of the people in a timely manner through telephone, WeChat and other methods, and actively find ways to solve them.

Make timely referrals for people who need to be hospitalized, such as pregnant women and patients with myocardial infarction, to seek medical treatment, and use community staff and volunteers to solve problems such as "difficulty in taking medicine" and "difficulty in buying medicine" for people suffering from chronic diseases and sudden diseases.