All of the actors have made career choices they bitterly regret, and Jason Momoa is no exception.

Nevertheless, when it came time to shoot his remake of

Conan the Barbarian

, the actor was quite confident.

Indeed, according to him, it was post-production that turned this film into a "huge pile of shit"!

“I've been in a lot of sucky stuff, and there are movies where you can't help it.


was one of them.

It's been one of the best (filming) experiences I've had, and it ended up being a massive pile of shit,” the Aquaman

star lamented

in an interview with GQ.

quickly forgotten

Released in 2011, this remake of the 1984 classic with Arnold Schwarzenegger, itself adapted from the novels by Robert E. Howard, was indeed a nice fiasco and probably not only because of post-production!

Directed by Marcus Nispel, the film which also featured Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman flopped at the box office.

Fortunately for Jason Momoa, the same year was broadcast the first season of

Game of Thrones

, a series in which he played another barbarian who, as everyone knows, served his career much better than Conan!

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