(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Directly attacking the epidemic in Yiwu: the virus is more hidden, one county supports one town to ensure supply

  China News Service, Jinhua, August 14 (Reporter Zhang Bin) On August 14, the Information Office of the Jinhua Municipal Government of Zhejiang Province held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic to report on the latest situation of the "8.2" epidemic in Yiwu.

  It is understood that this round of epidemics has the characteristics of stronger invisibility of the virus.

In the past two days, there are still social screening cases found in Yiwu City, indicating that there is still a risk of community transmission.

Except for Yiwu City, Lanxi, Jindong, Pujiang and other counties (cities, districts) have not reported any new infections in society for at least 5 consecutive days.

At present, the local area has made it clear that all counties (cities, districts) in Jinhua will provide a Yiwu town street to their counterparts, and the eight Wu people will fight the epidemic together.

The virus is more hidden: a small number of infected people test positive after they become ill

  Since the outbreak was discovered on August 2, a total of 663 infected people have been reported, and it has quickly spread to 5 counties (cities, districts) in Jinhua City.

  Wang Fengying, deputy director of the Jinhua Municipal Health Commission and director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the press conference that as of 9:00 on August 14, Jinhua City had reported a total of 74 local confirmed cases, including 67 in Yiwu City and 1 in Jindong District. 589 cases of local asymptomatic infections, including 563 cases in Yiwu City, 3 cases in Jindong District, 4 cases in Lanxi City, 18 cases in Dongyang City, and 1 case in Pujiang County .

In this epidemic, 94% of the infected people were concentrated in Yiwu City, and 80% of the infected people were screened and found in the centralized isolation and home isolation population.

  Wang Fengying said that the virus strain that caused the outbreak in Jinhua City is the evolutionary branch of Omicron BA.5.2. Compared with the previous strains, this strain has the following stronger infectiousness, faster transmission speed, and higher virus concealment. Strong, the virus generation spacing is shorter three characteristics.

  According to relevant research reports, the basic reproduction number of this strain is 18.6.

Wang Fengying said that in layman's terms, the basic reproduction number is 18.6, which means that one infected person can infect 18 people on average.

In addition, this epidemic shows obvious family clustering. At present, more than 100 family clustering epidemics have been found, involving more than 300 cases.

  "The proportion of asymptomatic infections found in this epidemic is relatively high. At the same time, it is also found that a small number of infected people have a positive nucleic acid test time lag behind the onset time, and symptoms such as fever, cough, and sore throat have already appeared, but the nucleic acid test results are still negative. , which makes it more difficult to detect and control cases early, and it is easy to spread and spread." Wang Fengying said.

  In view of the more infectious, faster, and more concealed characteristics of the virus strain, as well as the current severe and complex epidemic situation, the local government once again reminds the general public to increase their awareness of self-protection, take good care of personal protection, and develop the practice of wearing masks and diligently. Good hygiene habits such as washing hands and avoiding gatherings, actively participating in nucleic acid testing, and actively cooperating with various prevention and control measures taken by the local government.

At the same time, self-health monitoring should be done well. Once the suspected symptoms of new coronary pneumonia such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, etc. appear, report to the local village (community) as soon as possible, and the village (community) will help contact the doctor in time.

Extending the period of silence, all counties (cities, districts) in Jinhua guarantee a Yiwu town street

  Lou Jianming, executive deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, said that in order to effectively reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, reduce the flow of people, and block the spread of the epidemic, since 0:00 on August 11, Yiwu City has implemented a temporary global silent management measure for three days. It has gained the understanding, support and cooperation of the general public.

In order to further consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control and achieve social zero as soon as possible, the Yiwu Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to adjust the silent management policy of Yiwu City from 0:00 on August 14th.

  Since 0:00 on August 14, the local government has lifted the silence management of Chi'an Town and Chengxi Sub-district, which have had no new social cases for 7 consecutive days, implemented management measures in accordance with the low-risk area (prevention area), and closed the loop with the town and sub-district as a unit. manage.

  From 0:00 on August 14th, the local government has imposed charges on Futian Street, Houzhai Street, Jiangdong Street, Beiyuan Street, Choujiang Street, Choucheng Street, Niansanli Street, Fotang Town, Suxi Town, Shangxi Town and Yiting. Towns and Dachen Towns continue to implement silent management, and adjust to low-risk areas (prevention areas) management after there are no new social cases in towns and streets for 7 consecutive days.

Towns and streets that implement silent management implement global home management.

Among them, high-risk areas (sealed and controlled areas) implement "home-based, door-to-door services", where daily necessities are delivered to households, and nucleic acid sampling is carried out at the door; in other areas, living necessities are delivered to the point, and citizens can collect and participate in nucleic acid sampling when making mistakes. Do not leave home, wear a mask at all times, and strictly prohibit gatherings.

  Yang Zhonghong, director of the Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that in accordance with the management and control requirements for the continued implementation of global silent management, Yiwu City will continue to use the government to distribute "heart-warming material packages" to all personnel except Chi'an Town and Chengxi Street to carry out centralized supply guarantees.

With the efforts of all parties, the "warm-hearted material package" has been shipped to Yiwu one after another.

  It is reported that the local area will reasonably diversify the categories of "warm-hearted material packages", including grain, oil, rice, noodles, salt, soy sauce, vegetables, fruits, meat, convenience foods, etc., which can better ensure the basic living conditions of the masses at home. material needs.

For people in high-risk areas, the township and street will deliver it to their households; for people in other areas, the township and street will deliver it to the designated collection point, and then citizens will pick it up at staggered peaks.

  In addition, with the support of Jinhua City, it is clarified that each county (city, district) in Jinhua guarantees a supply of Yiwu Town Street, including Choujiang Street in Wucheng District, Fotang Town in Jinyi New District, and Lanxi City. Shangxi Town, Niansanli Street of Dongyang City, Beiyuan Street of Yongkang City, Houzhai Street of Pujiang County, Yiting Town of Wuyi County, and Choucheng Street of Jinhua Development Zone.

  At the same time, Yiwu City is responsible for supplying Suxi Town, Dachen Town, Futian Street and Jiangdong Street.

At present, all counties and cities in Jinhua have mobilized the main body of guarantee and supply in Zhejiang Province to participate in the first time, and the material financing arrangement has been basically completed.

  The data shows that as of August 12, Jinhua City has handled a total of 2,212 "Vehicle Passes for Key Material Transportation in Zhejiang Province".

At the same time, a docking mechanism for guaranteed supply vehicles has been established to ensure that guaranteed supply vehicles enter Yiwu City in a timely and smooth manner to carry out material supply guarantee work.

  It is worth mentioning that for those who do not have the conditions to start a partnership, the local towns and streets provide fast food, fast food and other materials.

For personalized urgent needs such as medicines, citizens can also submit their needs through the "Love Yiwu Gangbang Group, War Epidemic Help" platform, and community volunteers will provide purchasing services.